Hiking Oahu


After a butt-kicking hike up Koko Head (and a day for my glutes to recover) Diamond Head was a cake walk.  Still a bit rocky in part, a great view and piece of history when you reach the top.  There is parking onsite for a small fee, or there are also parking lots around the base of the crater if you want more of a walk.

Be sure to bring water with you and some good shoes (no slippahs).    When you're almost at the top, you'll reach a fork in the trail.  To your right will be a set of concrete stairs, to your left will be some benches and another set of stairs.  We chose left, because I needed a break.  This brings you to the back side of the summit and the top of the pillboxes.

Hold on

Taking in the views.  Almost at the top of Diamond Head.

View from the Pillboxes atop Diamond Head
 Happy Hiking!