What to pack for Hawaii?

I hate packing. I used to be way more organized and planned ahead.  Lately, while getting ready for a trip, I pack the night before.  Which sucks if you're leaving for 2 months for a warmer climate that you are not used to.  It's "winter" in Southern California but still hot as hell in Hawaii.  Should I pack jeans? a long sleeve shirt? what do I do with sweatshirts?  Arghhh. So I have been sucked away into Pinterest world looking for ways to pack and what to expect.

Here are some tips to help you pack.   I also posted some travel hacks on another blog if you want to read it - click here.

Pill Case Jewelry Holder
Find your earrings, rings and small baubles, by separating them with a pill case.

Shower cap shoes
Put the shower cap you get during your hotel stay to good use.  Place the shower cap around the soles of your shoes to avoid getting your clothes dirty.

Eyeglass case
A great place to throw your charger(s) and head phones.

Instead of folding and stacking, roll your clothes.  It saves space and prevents wrinkles.

An extra outfit.
Not that we want this to happen, but it's good to be prepared.  If you're traveling with a partner, pack one outfit for yourself in the other person's luggage.  If your luggage doesn't make it, at least you'll have one change of clothes.

Make a list
Create a checklist of essential item.  That way you won't overthink/overpack (oh wait, that's me) or if you're in a rush, you'll know where to start.  Here's a premade list.  Look it over and modify it to meet your needs.  Or better yet, there's an app for that Packing Pro.

Forgot your phone wall plug?
Check out the hotel tv, they usually have USB ports.  And if you've totally forgotten your charger, check with the hotel's front desk for spare ones in their lost and found.

Use plastic wrap to spill-proof your shampoo
Grab a square piece of plastic wrap, and place it under the cap of your shampoo, shower gel or whatever other liquid you're bringing, to avoid a slick mess.

Lost ID
Scan or take a photo of important documents before leaving, then email it to yourself, in case you misplace or your personal items are stolen.

Pack a dryer sheet.
Place a dryer sheet in your shoes or the bottom of your bag, so you'll have fresh smelling clothes when you arrive.

Make your own pillow
I always travel with a hoodie, but check out how Conceptual Devices turns that into a comfort item.

Safe travels my friend!