Past Events

This past year has kept me busy with new ventures. Working with Native Voices at the Autry, as wardrobe mistress, box office manager, production assistant and finally director. I worked on Carolyn Dunn's Frybread Queen as Director for the staged reading, then got the opportunity to sit in the Playwright's retreat as Assistant Director and learn the ins and outs. In between that, I produced a few projects, helped out on casting and work with some wonderful people on a few webseries. Social networking and the internet have played a big part throughout the year. I also took the chance to try and finish my one person show. I've done a few readings and got some feedback, and finally have a name for the show. 

I will be appearing in "My Wonderful Coma" by Sandy Boikian.
A 1989 car crash. A 2008 awakening.
October 9, 11, 17 at 7:30pm and October 19 at 4pm
Pasadena Chrisitian Center
2588 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena
Thursdays are pay-what-you-can
Regular Admission 10$
Will also appear as "Customer 1" in an upcoming webisode on
New Agent! Talent Entertainment Networks, 15720 Ventura Blvd. Suite 510, Encino CA 91436, 818-783-4567
Walking on Turtle Island, check out the photo of my cool looking costume and make-up as well as the trailer.

Well I finished producing my first short with some friends and wow did it turn out great.
You can check it out for yourself if you'd like at:
Lee's Last Stand
Password: father
It's going to screen Saturday April 12, 2008
Alex Theatre, 216 N. Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91203
AWARDS SHOW 9:30pm-10:30pm, which we received 6 nominations for.
A busy month of pre-production as well as working at the Autry on their latest production: Teaching Disco Dancing to your Elders: A Class Presentation.

Here we are a new year is upon us. Things are slow right now due to the strike. So I'm working on producing my own short films now. I am working with Patricia Rigney and Robin Leabman in the 168 filmfest. So if you'd like to help out in any way, let me know, we'd love to have some help.

Working with the Autry again. I will be playing the part of the Rez Librarian, and Mama Bear.
Sunday, November 18th, 2007 2:00 PM
The Further Adventures of Super Indian
The Autry National Center, 4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Price: FREE

The Further Adventures of SUPER INDIAN, a Radio Play by Arigon Starr (Kickapoo/Creek)
Don’t miss the next installment of Super Indian: faster than a rez rocket—stronger than bingo balls—more potent than wet socks! Join SUPER INDIAN, Mega Bear, and their talking dog Diogi, as they join forces to fight evil on the Leaning Oak Reservation.

Currently in Pre-Production for a short, learning the ropes on filming our own movie.
Staged reading at AFI, Weds. Sept 19. Playing Cathy, a friend of Esther's that introduces her to the wilds of Hollywood. Based on the one-person play Revolution by Estherleon. It's a fascinating story.
Auditioned and was accepted into the Santa Clarita Playhouse - Radio division.
On Sept. 14th at 7pm I will be appearing at the Arts Institute in Santa Monica in an evening of scenes to promote a new program that will be offered at the school.
Come and see a short film I'm in playing at the L.A. Shorts Filmfestival. It's called H-Detector and is playing at 5:15 Sept 6th at the AMC Burbank Town Center 6, 770 N. First St., Burbank, CA 91502.
Working and attending fabulous workshops at the Autry the weekend of Sept. 7-9.
Since May I have been taking writing classes in the hopes to complete a one person show that I started years ago. I've also been working with a member of the theatre group to write a short. Well right now it's either a short or a episodic. We'd like to have it filmed by the end of the year.
  • Worked on a french canadian voice over.
  • Some friends wrote a commercial for the Heinz competition and they need some behind the scenes help. I worked on props and costumes, it's just fun learning more about the film industry and what goes into making a commercial.
  • Here's a review of the Berlin Blues.
Happy Canada Day and Independence Day! This month was vacation time.

  • What an exciting month. After spending the last couple of months at the Autry. This month consisted of working with my theater company, LHPC. We spent the month preparing for investor meetings and recording the cliffhangers for our upcoming radio plays.
  • The weekend of June 22 was spent re-creating old time radio.
  • I've also been working on some writing projects.
The beginning of may took me to the east coast. I had the opportunity to travel to New York City and Washington D.C. I had never been there, so it was a great time. We had 3 shows in NY, then we were off to D.C for another another 3. My theatre company, Lost Hollywood Players, is furiously working on their upcoming schedule. We are in pre-production for an original play called Kaputnik. I am also responsible for the production and direction of Radio Plays, we have a weekend of shows that will be up one weekend in June.
Acting wise, I helped out a friend last minute. It was an evening of 10-minute plays that all centered around Starbucks and a gun.
April was a busy month. Working on 2 shows, both opening on the same weekend.
Also, a film I worked on last year will be premiering at the Newport Film Festival.
I'm also getting ready to go to New York City and Washingon D.C. with the Berlin Blues for 5 shows.

Shel's Shorts
Lost Hollywood Players Company
Presents Shel's Shorts By Shel Silverstein
"This ain't 'The Giving Tree'…"
Lost Hollywood Players Company, who brought you "Dylan" and "Lone Star, Laundry & Bourbon," present "Shel's Shorts," April 13-29 at The Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood, and May 6th. at Moorpark College. This absurdly philosophical and hilarious collection of shorts from one of the great children's authors is meant entirely for adults! Each piece in this collection is scintillatingly "short," and ranges from a story about a clerk who only sells clothes that shrink to a woman who has married a dog. Witty, wicked, and surprising, this collection paints the master of subversive children's poetry in a whole new light.
Shel Silverstein (aka Uncle Shelby) was most known for his children's poetry and stories, as in "The Giving Tree," "A Light In The Attic," and "Where The Sidewalk Ends." However, he also turned his talents to adult works such as "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book," "Hamlet: The Playboy Version," and dozens of songs ("A Boy Named Sue") and short plays. Lost Hollywood Players Company will be paying homage to Uncle Shelby's great cleverness in their staging of "Shel's Shorts." The company has added several new members to their talented crew recently and will be working in conjunction with Moorpark College for this production. Each piece will have a different director and cast to compliment the changing themes, but all will have a good time.
April 13-29 The Actors Workout Studio
4735 Lankershim Blvd , North Hollywood 91602

Super Indian
Join us for three performances of this funny new radio series, Super Indian, written by Arigon Starr and recorded live for a studio audience.
After eating tainted commodity cheese a young Hubert Logan discovers he has amazing powers that transform him into Super Indian. With his trusty sidekick Mega Bear, Super Indian uses these new found powers to foil evil on the Leaning Oak Reservation. Don’t miss an exciting moment of action as Super Indian and Mega Bear rocket to the rescue of those in need!
Friday, April 13 at 8 pm, Saturday, April 14 at 2 pm and 8 pm

The Berlin Blues finally opens.
A large German conglomerate descends upon a small Canadian reserve with visions of building the world's largest Native theme park, “Ojibway World”. This theme park comes complete with bumper canoes, a dream catcher made of laser beams, and Dances With Wolves: The Musical. This zany world gives us insight into love and losses in the land of the Ojibway!
March 1-25, 2007

Rehearsal have begun for the Berlin Blues. Everyday, 6 days a week, I go to work (at my "real" job) then at lunch rush over to the Autry until 6pm. I am having so much fun.
Did another French Canadian voice-over.

Here we are in a new year again, geez it feels like just yesterday it was 2006, but anyway, Happy New Year, hope your new year is Fun! I am currently working with my fabulous theatre group LOST HOLLYWOOD PLAYERS to set up our 2007 season.

I was also just cast as the understudy for The Autry's Berlin Blues.
I so enjoy working with kids. So for the next week I will be working with the Autry National Center and their Young Native Playwrights program. Kids from the Southern California Indian Center come and learn how to write a play, then have their finished product read on stage by professional actors.

I just got cast in the short "The Visit" playing a nurse. That's something different. Filming is the first 2 weekends in December, so I'll get back to you on how that goes.

Don't forget to watch me on Passions on November 24th.
Working again with the wonderful people at the Autry. This year I was involved with the staged reading of Super Indian, that will be the first radio play.

At the wrap party for movie Phoenix , I found out the producers have now renamed the movie Junction.
Filming the part of the noisy neighbor Maria in May I have this dance?
Working on the short film H-Detector as "Woman in glasses"
Lost Hollywood Players company was invited to perform Lone Star and Laundry & Bourbon for a one night only on October 14 at the beautiful Moorpark College campus for the theatre department. Rumor has it that the author's son goes to school there.
Filmed three segments of Craft Lab on the DIY Network.
Taped an episode of Passions, as what else "Native American". I'll keep you posted on when it'll play.
Booked a short film "May I have this Dance", where I'll be playing Maria, the kind and caring neighbor.
Laundry & Bourbon has been extended one more weekend.
Finished filming the feature film Phoenix, filmed in both Los Angeles and Phoenix. The thriller is produced by Women on Top Productions, a new woman-owned company.
My first voice-over. It was a great experience. Even better was that it was in French.
July & August
Lost Hollywood Players Company


"Lone Star, Laundry & Bourbon" is the compilation of two one acts by James McLure. Texas, 1979, on the edge of a desert. What happens when a Vietnam veteran's prized 1959 pink Thunderbird convertible gets put through a tree? Well, you drink. What do you do when your husband hasn't shown up in two days and you just found out you're pregnant? (p.s., you slept with his brother) Well, you might consider drinking then, too. It may sound Jerry Springer, but these shows are filled with great heart and humor and a sense that, hey, you just might know these people.

Opening August 4th
Come see Jennifer in Laundry & Bourbon as Elizabeth
Actors Workout Studio
4735 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, California 91602
Filming Jonathan Moon. I play Officer Janette Peters. Its a sci-fi adventure that will also be a graphic novel.
Preparing for the premiere of Lost Hollywood Players first production.
Working with Women On Top Productions for the feature film Phoenix
Filming an episode for National Geographic entitled Alien Astronauts. You can see pictures of me as cavewoman. Fun.
Working on the film Saving Sam as a stand-in.
On stage at the Alex Theatre in Glendale performing in the Vagina Monologues.
Working with Lost Hollywood Players on a series of one act plays.
Filming Esperanza. Playing the mother of a young maquilladora worker who meets a tragic death.
Traveling to Sydney Nova Scotia for another hockey tournament. We get to play against the NHL old-timer team.
February 23, 2006
Additional screenings, If you missed it the first time, have no fear.
NATO/OTAN by Gabriela Sosa will be screening again!!! Don’t miss this event!
Starts at 7:00 to 10pm on Wed. Feb 23 as part of N.A.L.I.P.’s SHORTFLIX program.
January 29, 2006
Vegas and hockey? Not usually 2 words you hear together, but yes, they play hockey in the desert. I just returned from a tournament in Vegas. Lets just say that Vegas is totally different when you're too tired to go out and cruise the strip, much less driving back and forth between rinks to drink. We did come out victorious though. It was the first time most of us had played together, and we did pretty good. Pictures will be up soon.

Jan 21, 2006
Young Native Playwrights
Working with the Young Native playwrights for the second year in a row is an amazing experience and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with these young talents.

Jan 1, 2006
Happy New Year
I thought since its a new year, it's time for a new look. I've got new pictures, what else could I ask for? This is just the starts of my ramblings, so let's see how this goes

  • New Management
  • Filming Footprints on the Trail where she plays a College Councilor.
  • Working with a wonderful group of American Indian actresses for the upcoming production of Rez Girls. Her character Jackie, is the tough sidekick to C.J. played by Delanna Studi.
  • Also, busy playing the lead in Rosa. A film about mistaken identity and the wrong mailing address.
  • On the theatre side, Jennifer is working as Stage Manager for her theatre company's production of Dickens's Sikes and Nancy.
  • She is also working with Native Voices as Assistant Director for their staged reading of Tombs of The Vanishing Indian.

NATO/OTAN Premiering at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. LALIFF Schedule
NATO/OTAN will be showing at Cinespace on October 22, 2005 - 1pm.

The Actors Creative Workshop proudly presents Jennifer Bobiwash in a professional, intimate INDUSTRY SHOWCASE with our exceptionally trained talent.
MONDAY, Aug. 15th & THURSDAY, Aug. 18th

Location: Dream City Studio--2401 B West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA

June and July
“When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?” by Mark Medoff Medoff’s 1973 play, set “at the end of the 60s,” focuses on a dangerous war veteran who takes hostage a group of customers in a New Mexico diner.
Cast: Robin Leabman as Teddy, Chris Budreau as Red, Jennifer Bobiwash as Angel, Patricia Rigney as Clarisse, Tommy Bruno as Richard, Fleet Cooper as Mr. Clark, Bruce Kennedy as Lyle and Kristen Agee as Cheryl and Directed by Chris Dickerson.
Opening June 9 and continuing thru July 17
Steve Allen Theater 4773 Hollywood Blvd.

April and May
This month I have been focusing on getting back to class, as well as continuing meetings with the East Hollywood Players Company.
Working on a short entitled "NATO/OTAN", playing a Native American Pentagon associate.
Jennifer is actually in both cast 1 and 2 of...The Hollywood Fight Club Theater Presents

Presents "A Boys' Life" by Howard Korder
HFC brings you the comedy "Boys' Life". This satirical modern classic traces the misadventures of three former college buddies who make their way in the big city. The play "puts sexual insecurity among under-30 males under the microscope, and the result is a satisfying and thoughtful work by a fresh playwriting voice," said Variety.

March 4th through March 27th
Fridays: 9 PM
Saturdays: 8 PM
Sundays: 7 PM
LOCATION: Hollywood Fight Club Theater, 6767 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028
January and February
If you want a full day of Jennifer, come and see her at the Festival of Young Native Playwrights at Museum of the American West in Griffith Park, January 29th @ 2pm. Young playwrights were paired with mentors and learned the basics of playwriting, with the highlight of the their plays being read on stage. Admission is free.

Then go and see her in the evening at: East Hollywood Players Company Presents:
Women Under the Influence
When: January 21, 22,28,29 & February 4 & 5
Curtain is at 8:00 pm
Just Added January 30th
Curtain is at 2pm
Friends & Artists Studio
1866 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046


November and December
  • Worked with the Autry Museum and their staged reading of Kino and Teresa. It was fun experience to be a part of, as well as having the opportunity to meet fellow Native American actors, what a pleasure.
  • Completed a short film - The X where I play an neurotic ex-wife who has just come to her senses after abandoning her husband and child, and now she wants the kid back.
  • Also completed supporting role as a mother in another short. I was mom to a young DJ wannabe, but he wasn't that good, so he had to come to that conclusion on his own.
  • Did some print work, played a Doctor, for Pfizer.
  • And rounded out the month by appearing in a music video as a choir member.
  • I have been taking different writing classes with the hopes of mounting a one-person show. But in the last class I took, I was inspired to go even further. I would like to do a documentary. So I am diligently working on information gathering.
  • Rehearsal will also be starting shortly for East Hollywood Theatre Company's production of Women Under the Influence.
  • Just wrapped "Making Sense of Crazy" in Hollywood. We had a great run, with a full theatre every night, thanks to all those who attended.
  • Did a PSA for the UN.
  • Next up I'll be at the Autry Museum helping out with the staged reading of "Kino & Teresa".
  • Just closed "Women under the Influence..." by Chris Dickerson. It was an evening of 1 person scenes.
  • Wrapped filming for "Manhater".
  • Next up is the taping of "Women under the Influence" in September.
  • Then back to the stage in "Making Sense of Crazy" in October

2009 Comes to a close

To all our friends and family out there! As we sit here and write this blog, it's hard to believe the year is almost over. Getting old sucks! Gone are the days when any vacation felt like it lasted forever.  Now you can't close your eyes too long without time flying by.

2009 has brought a few changes to our blog.  We haven't been travelling much since Jen ends up working a lot of weekends in different forms of production be it theater, film or web content.  Rob is thus relagated to lounging around the house watching some sporting event. 

If you're new to our blog, welcome to our travels in food since we don't seem to travel much.  We mostly stay-cay.  Most of our photos were posted under either of our Facebook pages and never made it here.  So here is a little slide show of our year.  It's the best way to see what we've done.  We'll continue to post photos when we actually leave the comfort of our home. 

insert slide show here

If you're keeping score, Rob's last job was working for Oltman's Construction.  He finally got laid off in September after having his hours cut to 4 days a week (a fact that he loved, since his day off was Friday).  He lounged around the house, taking a breather for a bit until November when he felt the need to go hunting.  During his 36 hour drive to Montana, he would send Jen text messages of his whereabouts, until he lost reception in the middle of the State. 

Jen's year was filled by working in different production capacities at Native Voices at The Autry, one of the country's only Native theatres.  Being self-employed now since 2007, has kept her busy, with clients ranging from a writer, a lawyer and a race-car driver.  Never a dull moment!  At last count she had 10 different jobs, and she actually gets paid for some of them.

Hockey is always a constant in both their lives.  Jen is playing in two different leagues, a women's and a men's (where she is the only girl in the league).   She also  played in two tournaments, one in Vegas in January and the other in Phoenix in May.  Though they did actually leave the city, it wasn't really a vacation, since you're always waiting to play the next game.  Rob is doing well in his league since his team changed leagues and his team no longer plays against Jen's (that was fun!).

Summer was spent going to Angel's baseball games.  The advantage of working for a construction company with season tickets, free parking and a discount at the bar!

Visitors this year were a plenty.  Including Jen's mom and dad once, Jen's dad and brother another time, and Rob's sister Chonne and her son Gavin twice. 

My apologies for writing in the third person, but since both of us are writing this, it just makes more sense. 

Jen's schedule got a bit crazy as the year came to a close, so our cards never made it to the post office.  But we did want to reach out to our friends far and wide.  So please know you are in our thoughts.  Have a fabulous holiday a wonderful new year.

We'll see you in 2010!  We have quite a few adventures planned, so it should be fun!
Jen & Rob!

Acting Notes

  • What are the things that haunt me or make me feel insecure and what can I do about them? I am just the victim of this stuff, what can I do to tack it and get over it?
Class with Duane Daniels
  • Surprise yourself by: what you're going to say and how you're gonna say.
  • Consider the opposite of what your line is
  • Avoid being logical, don't make sense
  • Playing the opposite or not logical let's you the actor create a vaccum that the audience can fall into and feel comfortable with your performance because you're not giving them the answer
  • Your job as an actor is not to give the answer but to provide more questions
  • Playing opposite of my intial choce
  • See who this character could be

When Wanda was little

When I was little, my mother would not let me cut my hair.  She wanted a little girl who's hair she could braid and put pretty ribbons in.   She would parade me around like I was a doll.  I can't recall what I looked like to my mothers high society friends, but when I look at pictures, I imagine I am Sacagewea visiting the Old World.  The faces of my childhood looked nothing like mine, yet I didn't feel different.  One year I even dressed in some faux suede fringy dress, that was the rage at the time, for school pictures, by hair in tiny braids on either side of my head.  What was I thinking?   Did I not know I was indian?  Was I taking a stance?  For which side I'm not sure, but a stance all the same.   Did this long hair make me more indian and I didn't know it?   I did eventually cut my hair.  I walked into the hair dressers alone, my mother couldn't bare the horror of a lifetimes worth hair being chopped in one fell swoop.  Andrea, my family stylist, asked me several times before she actually did it.   I assured her that yes, this is what I wanted as I showed her the photo of some hair model I had found "hair catalogue" that salons carry.  I was 12, how was I supposed to know that I had an odd shaped head, and that hair is not supposed to go that short.  Regardless, she braided my hair in a long braid that almost reached my lower back.  She tied it nicely with a bow, and asked one last time if I was sure.  I nodded and she began to chop through my massive braid.  Once done, she handed it to me.  I didn't cry, I just placed it in my lap, content the did was done.
I watched as Andrea combed my now ear length hair.

 When I got home, I rolled it into a tight coil and placed in a ziplock bag.  Every day for the rest of the school year, I carried that piece of me around.