Our love of sushi is always bringing us to new places. Early Saturday night finally made it to a "new" restaurant, Wokano Asian Restaurant and Lounge. I say "new" because it's been there for at least a year now and we had not yet made it there.

We arrived at 7pm, and the place was sparse with restaurant guests. We enjoy the sushi bar, so we had our choice of seats. When we are trying out a new restaurant, we have our list of regular items that are a must.

For sushi, it's normally a california roll, a spicy tuna roll, or baked mussels. Our meal started with a bowl of Edamame, which came slightly warmed, which added a nice touch. Next, we were trying to be adventurous and ordered Tornado Spicy Tuna Dips, which is spicy tuna with cucumbers & avocado and served with Doritos Chips. I love sitting at the sushi bar and watching the chefs fold the rice and fish into appetizing rolls. I watched as he blended up a huge pile of dark pink tuna and wondered what the heck he was making. I don't think I read it right, because I thought it was a roll, but I was pleasantly surprised when the lump of spicy tuna I was watching the chef blend ended up in a martini glass in front of me, the Doritos were then used to scoop up the tuna. Yummy!

The baked mussels were also a surprise as they were not their regular creamy fish taste, but they had a little kick to it. Our whole meal was a bit spicy, and it made the beer go down even smoother. The only thing that was a bit irregular, was that they only had regular sized beer, they didn't have the large sized beer.

What is not included in the pic, is our other roll, the Green Dragon Roll, which was a spicy tuna roll with avocado, Tabasco sauce and spicy mayo, which was equally delish!

After our meal was complete, we sat and had a few more drinks while letting our meal settle. More people filled the restaurant as we left, it was still early as large groups of twenty-somethings came to enjoy the Burbank nightlife.

Until next time! See you at the bar!

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