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WebTVWeek Wrap up - UPDATED 4/26/10

An update from the folks at Tubefilter: "The Truth About the Streamy Awards and the IAWTV" Responses to the Tubfilter post: Casey McKinnon from a Comicbook Orange ************************************************************ After a long day of hanging out and working all day on the red carpet, this is how my day ended, since I never got a chance to take a nicely dressed picture on the carpet earlier.
The ceremony itself was very very long and wracked with problems. While sitting there during one of the many glitches, I read the tweets about the awards. It just seemed dreadful what the live streaming audience was watching. But you can follow the aftermath online for yourself: Horrible Turn, this one too!Letter from SandeepParikhThe Streamys: Post-Show Community Feedback and DiscussionDanger Nation's RantOr just go to and search Streamy Awards 2010Open Letter from the Executive Producers of the StreamysA wr…

Hot sauce and whipped cream

What the fuck and am I doing? thought Lucy. this is a miserable and horrible life. How does one carry on every day, week after week. You know once you stop doing and just sit and not move, you question more than you normally would. Busy days are filled with constant movement listening to the next order, moving, helping. But once it all stops you

May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be...