"What the hell people? That was Gran's favorite whiskey, she will know! I told you guys you could drink anything but that. Jason! Stop that! Oh my god people, do I have to hold your hand for everything?" Joanne Littlefeather was a joy to be around most of the time, but not today. Her parents had left her home alone for the first time and look at the mess she had made, they would never trust her again. Barely 15, she was the a star at school. Popular by extension, she still felt a little weird when she went places, like parties, and she worked at the only fastfood restaurant in town, so everyone came in eventually. Being sporty also helped. She knew a lot of the boys her friends drooled over. She was even lucky enough to be in the locker room with them as well.
Being from a small town had its advantages, everyone knew everyone, or at least who they were. How could you not when there was 30 people in your class, and you've been together since you were 5. Joanne had always been a good kid, but she had recently gotten a boyfriend, one that her father didn't exactly approve of. But isn't that always the way it is. You know there must be some truth to movies, ok it's a little exaggerated for dramatic effect, but that's kinda what happens in the school yard. I once thought life imitated art, but with the direction of the world, I think art imitates life.
The love of her life this week was Franklin. Franklin a few years older than her, but still in the same grade as her. He missed way too many classes because he was left home to his own devises. He was from the reservation. He lived in a run down house with his 2 brothers, he was the middle child. Joanne had a thing for tall, dark and brooding, though she did like someone she could hold a conversation. During their whole time dating and all the times she had been to his house, she had never met his parents. They were never there. Money was tight, so they worked on the road somewhere, though she didn't never did find out.
Joanne would sneak out to visit him. Not old enough to drive yet, she would take a cab to go and visit him. She would then have to get to the store so the cab could pick her up, since there was no phone at Franklin's. Not many of the surrounding houses had a phone, so as much as she didn't want to leave some nights, she had to, or she had no way of getting home. She always had a sense that she needed to take care of him. He didn't have a job, and neither did any of his brothers, but they always seemed to have stuff to party with. Sometimes when his parents had forgotten to send money, the house would get cold.

A love letter?

To whom it may concern,

Well my love, here we are at last, I never thought it would come to this. After all this time together, everything is lost, everything has changed. When we met I never thought of how we would spend our lifetime together, I just knew when you proposed that it would be. Sure there would be bad days, but we would endure. How do you spend a lifetime together? You laugh, you enjoy your time together, you talk. Ooops, missed one.

I am writing you a letter so you will actually know what is wrong. I find this a disturbing option and quite a sad state of us. I wish we could talk about things that really matter as opposed to the ridiculousness of day to day affairs. I used to care, but now not so much. Sure it hurts my feelings when you don't listen and you get lost in something else other than me, but I don't care anymore. We have been together all this time and you don't know the simplest things about me, or at least it seems that way to me. I don't really think I know you either. How sad is that? I mind as well just sit in the other room, maybe you can text me and tell me about it, it would be a start. What hurts the most, after the Big Mac incident was this weekend when you told me about the other project you were no longer working on. That's when I realized the absurdity of all this. I feel I have become what I was sure I would not, a stranger in my own home.

I have become what I have worried about becoming, a cliche. Now lets think of that for a moment, a "cliche is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. The term is most likely to be used in a negative context. It is frequently used in modern culture to reference an action or idea that is expected or predictable based on a prior event." But when is it no longer cliche if it occurs all the time, is not then the norm, what is to be expected?

My life is now what inevitably what becomes of others, be it said or not. So that is why it is still cliche? I am worn down, I don't care, I don't want to try anymore, it's too much work. Maybe that's why I have no ambition to carry on with anything anymore. To find a new career, take a class, help a cause. When I was little, although the perfect child that I was having a content life, I always wanted to run away, life on the road seemed romantic when portrayed in the movies. The runaway was always rescued by sad people in the end who missed them terribly and they end up living happily ever after. Thoughts of running away escalated later in life, to become a want to just not go on, to let the earth just take me away, to just float off into the sunset. I always thought of that as a selfish option, but really is it? Selfish because the person wanting to end it is only thinking of themselves and not thinking of the mess they are leaving behind. Check me out, still caring what others think of me in death. That is messed up, I am messed up. I just want to run away from it all, hide under a rock, just be alone, it's safer. No one to please, just me.

Who was I?

what to do, what to do. I am so lost in what to do with my life. I feel like I just driving around in circles in the parking lot looking for a parking spot. This has been such a sad day, I wish I could be cold heartless bitch who only thinks of herself and all would be well in my world. Maybe I am being selfish by being so sad and lost in my own world, always sucking up to someone hoping someone will help me out. I don't think it's sucking up in the sense of the wanting something from the other person to further my career. I just want someone to like me, to love me. Again I try to find when I lost all confidence in myself. Perhaps it where I live, where everyone has to be pretty, where you are judge the moment you walk in the door. I don't think I'm pretty.
I remember the first time I met him and he told me I was pretty. Why would you lie to someone like that? I know the truth about you, you tell every girl with low self esteem how pretty they are. I'm glad I didn't believe you when you told me. I'm on to you and your new age hippy crap. Why do you have to care so much, it makes me cry. But then to figure out why you tell people crap.
I just want to be who I used to be. I wasn't the one who sat back in the corner, I was brave, fearless and didn't care what people thought. Ok, I may have cared but I didn't let it bother me. During that same time though I was also the side kick. You know the archetype, you've seen the movie. Pretty girl and either a)plump girl, 2)homely girl, 3)girl with no style...the list goes on in every high school around the country, whichever it was I was the other girl. I was sporty, people who knew I was, but it was never overt, I got to go to all the parties. How do I figure out how to be that person again. She was strong, she knew what she wanted, nothing would stand in her way. Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities, b/c those people are yammering in my head.


Time: 5:48 pm - Go!

I sit and open up the email from Patty. LA Skins Festival, cool. I know my movie is playing there, when, I wonder, the producers haven't contacted me yet to tell me when. I check the schedule, look there we are. I scroll thru the list of movies. Check out all these Indians out there making movies. WTF, this is BFE Canada and they're making movies, I fuckin' live in L.A. and I don't make movies. Oh, check that scenario out, how can a film about a father being deported be included in this festival? DEPORTED, are you kidding me. You are American Indian, you can't be deported, so how do you have the audacity to submit your film to this festival, you are not American Indian. I don't get it. OK, here I am again defending something I so want to be a part of, yet am not. I kinda feel like the geeky girl in school who would stand by the cool kids and pick up their scraps (metaphorically of course). I want so much to be Indian and am, but I don't feel like it.

Growing up, I was the overly tanned kid in all the class photos, the dark kid with the round face and eyes dark as coal, with crater deep dimples. Looking back on my class photos now I notice who I stand out, but then, I was just another kid, these were my friends and no one thought anything of it. Some may think that growing up in a small town limits you, like you are going to be singled out because of your differences, but that was never the case. It wasn't until I moved away from home, that I realized how different I was, and what the world would dish out. I am fortunate enough to meet people who know about their culture and heritage, I know nothing, safe a few choice "swears" in Ojibwa. I feel left out. I want to learn more, but how, isn't it too late? and why is it that I think these people are less Indian than I am? Well it's because they're out there doing stuff and I am not. I have this need for perfection and don't want to get anything wrong, what if I misrepresented something, and feel this backlash then they'd kick me out of the club for sure and then tear up my treaty card for sure.

Fear stops me at every turn. Just go and do, who cares. I just wish someone would help me. So I could share my failure when it happens. Note the when not if. I really am trying to be positive, but it scares the fuck out of me.

I don't want someone to be more Indian than me, I want to be the biggest and best Indian out there. I have to be the best, that's all there is to it and if I'm not I will die alone, friendless, with the priest letting the stragglers who just happen to be in the church while my funeral is going on, what a major flop I made and what a failure I was.

Ooooh poor me, poor me, no one loves me, I'm a loser, I suck, I will never amount to anything, I don't have any friends, I will never amount to anything, I will never accomplish anything great, I will just move through existence merely being, not accomplishing anything. No one will remember me, no one will want to, they will all thought that I died years earlier than I did. I will be alone with my turtle, because cats are for the pathetic and I am better than that, who will outlive me and I will have no one to will him too, so when I die alone in my apartment, G2 (my turtle) will wander our apartment until the smell is finally noticed by the neighbors, or the landlord comes and pounds on the door because I haven't paid my rent. My epitaph will read - she died alone, unloved and was nothing.

Being nothing.......

Well time is now 6:12 and I have to go, so later days....


The sun shines through the leaves as Sarah takes a moment out for herself. Her legs dangle from the tree swing as Filbert nips at her ankles. "Shhhh Filly, you can't ride right now, fetch" as she throws the ball as her tiny arms could.
Her parents had dropped her off that morning and now here she was dreading the rest of the summer. Two full months with the crazies, isn't that what her grand mother called them. But what was she supposed to do, she couldn't very well stay in the city by herself while everyone else was working and traveling. She was only 13 after all. Not quite old enough to spend the summer in a high rise with no adult supervision. Now here she was in cow country. The wind that blew through the tree and kicked up dust around her. This trip was supposed to be a learning experience for her, that's what her mother called it. After her father had died, so did any connection to the reservation and her heritage. She had lived her whole life in the city. Taking the subway to the Lycee north in the morning, leaving her lakeside view, into the grunginess of the city.
Sarah Morningstar, was the apple of her grandfather's eye, which caused some friction with the rest of her cousins. Such a strange family she thought, shouldn't we all love each other equally. No wonder her mother hated visited her inlaws. Being a only child gave Sarah the advantage over her cousins because she was constantly surrounded by adults, she was a bit more mature than the others. She was well mannered an never expected anything from anyone but to be loved.
"Hey there dreamer, what's up?" Megan asked. "Not much Auntie, just sucks that mom had to go away for the summer and you get stuck with me" she answered. "Oh, it's not stuck, I have a big adventure planned for you. Your mom thought you should learn a bit about your culture this summer, so we're going to dance, and I have the greatest costume for you"


Well it is now Sunday and I have not been writing for my 10 minutes a day. My last post has sucked me dry of all inspiration and willingness to go on. I missed class on Thursday because money was a little more important that day. But, here is my homework for the week:

what's a moment of my story
what's one memory

consider the above when you write each day, you may not be able to be objective about what is or isn't working/part of the story.

So with this in mind, let's revisit a previous writing, the leaf and concrete from a last week.

I can feel the last of my filaments holding onto my woody birthplace, it just releasing me into the world. No teary goodbye, no warm embrace just letting go. What an amazing feeling that must be, to be able to just let the memories be what they are a moment in the past. Living with the regret, the what-ifs, the could haves, the should haves, the would have beens is exhausting, but it keeps me busy, alive. I know I've lived, I've done something in my life, but, and there always is, but it could have been more. But because that moment was cut short, my story isn't finished, that moment will live on in my mind because I wasn't allowed to finish what it should have been. A silly statement in itself, the story was finished, just not by me. I float, carried by my new love, on to bigger an better adventures. I hope the wind picks up to carry me far away from this home, to be able to forget why I want to let go, why I am running. Perhaps I've read too many teen novels and expect my love to chase after me. Well of course he should, I am the sun, you worshipped me, and now you have the audacity to think you can survive without my warmth. The beginning of the school year brought a tension, a sadness that wasn't there before. It was me, my once ebullient self, lost in her own self pity. Why the sadness, why can't you understand, why can't you deal with me. The good the bad and the depressed. I should've known. I give and give and when the fun stops, so do people. Do i desperately seek out the broken, so I can fix them, am I a magnet for the do-it-yourselfers and why can't I find my carpenter?

How to Procrastinate

My first how to lesson. Well, ok class, let's pull out a piece of paper and an pencil and write your goal across the top. Now take the next five minutes stare intently at that goal and try to write down how you are going to accomplish it. Now, pick up that piece of paper and wad it up. Next take out your computer and in your search bar what you were trying to accomplish. Now visit every site that comes up in the search. Once you start visiting sites, trust me you'll find others to click on. The next thing you know its been 4 hours and your day is gone, you mind as well just call it a day.

This was the beginner class. For advance procrastinating, tune in tomorrow, because I have a full list of things I should be doing.

Ok, that took 5 mins, only 5 more to go. What else.....what else....I can't, I can't, I can't. Why do I say things in threes, weird. My fingers are just sitting on the keys, waiting for brilliance to spew from them. They have a mind of their own, right now I'm not even thinking, my fingers are just moving. My mind is filled with junk, distractions. OMG, I just looked up to the tv screen and the guy from 90210 is wearing socks in the pool? WTH? Ok, I'm done, shoulders are hunched over, I can't anymore, I'm just typing to type, to get 10 mins out. what to write, what to think. It all seems the same. The same sadness and lack of imagination. The same phrases pulled together just in a different story. See the story, see the characters, see the end. It would help to see the end, I always have a great start, but I never know the arc I'm going on. Why does it have to suck so much. I'm trying right? I've written a bit everyday. But can these bits be a part of my masterpiece. Hmmmmm, I wonder.....

too much

Last week I was full of glory and praise for myself because I wrote. Now, my own brilliance has gotten in my way. My first writings lamented about writing with purpose, then turned into stories that just had to get out of my head, and now I have returned to not knowing what to write as what purpose will it serve. I have an epic story inside me to tell, and I cannot be lead astray by writing frivolously. So, try to write with purpose, a goal in mind. The show must be complete by the time this class is over. What on earth will I write? As you can see from previous days, small bits of wonder poured out of me as I tried too hard, and now I have nothing. I have nothing, nothing, nothing. No talent, no inspiration, no idea of where/how to get there. I have taken class after class of how to write a one person show. Countless classes and exercise to jog your memory, to help you feel I suppose, because why else would you have to write about them? My memories are few and far between. I can't remember my first day of school, my first hair cut, kindergarten, most of elementary school. My memories are tied to music. Ok, I shouldn't say memories, because I can't really remember the whole thing, but the feeling of what it was, the hurt, the pain, the humiliation. My memories are filled with wild stories that can only be written about, you know those teeny bopper romances, where the girl is popular and blond, she was prom queen, student body president and valedictorian and always got the guy.
Wait, that is me, well almost. I wasn't blond. The guy wasn't always the quarterback, but for some odd reason I still wonder about, they fell madly and deeply for teenage me. I never really tried to impress I was just me. Crazy 'ol me. But somewhere along the way I've lost this person. She was fearless, she was fun, she was a goofball and didn't give a rats ass about anyone or anything. No was not an option. Where did she go? Why did she conform? Why did she give up?
I have become a cliche, which I have avoided and attempted to elude. I'm a grown up and I have no idea what I want to be. I just want to be fabulous, to be remembered, to be immortalized for my lifelong accomplishments. I want people to think of me now, what they did when I was younger. No one ever doubted I was destined for greatness, heck I didn't even doubt it. I knew I was fucking awesome and nothing could touch me and now I am trying to live up to my own dreams for myself, which by the way I actually have no idea what it is. I want people from my small town America to bask in my greatness and regret the way the passed me over.

Celebrity advice, uh ok?

I read the occasional tabloid from time to time and found some wisdom in it. I know, I know, what could you possibly helpfulness could I possibly glean from an overpaid actor, but this surfer dude has a "laissez-faire" attitude that this angry one could use from time to time.

"Just keep living is free enough that you can't really ever make the wrong choice. And it's not an ownership idea…Sometimes it's as basic as waking up and saying, 'Thanks for another d-a-y,' you know? It wasn't guaranteed. Other times, when you got other things going for you, it's 'What do I do with all the gifts I've been given?' Sometimes it's, 'Let's really bear down and get to work.' Other times it's, 'Nope, it's time to just sit here and relax and have a little listen to some music.' Whatever that is, it's something personal to everybody, it's not just me. It's helped me navigate."

Read the full article by Jennifer Cady.* Article has been removed

10 mins

She wants more. Ashley sits backs and wonders how she ended up here. Trying to figure out why she feels unfulfilled and doesn't care what her house looks like. Her weekdays are filled with busy work, answering emails for this client, finishing a design for another, some filing maybe even a blog post or two, all from the comfort of her couch. Reruns of Charmed and Angel play in the background. Personal mail and bills stack up on the kitchen table.

When she did have a "real" job she would never have let this happen. But with the real job, she was also coming home crying everyday and was always angry. Now that her unemployment has run out, she may actually have to make a decision and decide who she is. Wow, that's the quite a statement. Was she truly thinking that to herself, or was that outloud? Fuck! Really?

Where or when she did she loose her "cajones"? Who did this to her? Ok, now she was really loosing her mind and being this person. Holy fuck? Oh no, she's having a her "Pooh moment"...think...think...think.

From the time she was 10 she knew what she wanted out of life. Or at least her father did. Every time he introduced her it was "this is my daughter Ashley, she's going to be a lawyer someday" and she smiled in agreement. She never wanted to be a teacher or a nurse, lawyer sounded good to her. She did go through a brief phase of wanting to be an astronaut, she had looked into Space Camp and knew everything an 11 could about the cosmos. But that was beyond her shabby means. She also had the forever dream to be a model or actor, but again how could she ever to the big city to make this dream happen? So, she turned to her back

"The courage to follow your gut"

Friday again

They sit in silence watching the movie, the only noise besides the movie, is the munching of the popcorn and the slurping of the soda. She sits there thinking back to the days at the Palace Theatre, the only theatre in her small town, it was the place to be on Friday nights. Memories of her first date with Andre come back and she shakes her head and laughs. Her date, looks at her and puts his hand on her knee as if asking what's wrong. She pats his hands and leaves it there on his. Her heart gets a little light as if butterflies are fighting to get out. She can feel her breath quickening. Her focus returns to the movie, just in time for a scary part and she squeezes his hand unintentionally. To comfort her, he intertwines his fingers with hers. Another sigh, this time from him. Yes, he thinks to himself, I have finally done something right. His focus is lost, and he can no longer focus on the movie. He sneaks a peek at her as she is thoroughly engrossed in the film. He takes note of the silhouette against the glow of movie. Her eyes blink as the images of blood and gore flash across the screen. He traces her face with his eyes, stopping as her lips slowly part as she gaps again and she grips his hand.


She waves to me from her corner. I stare at her unwilling to move. I return the wave, but still stay put. I make a face, yuck. Why, I'm not sure, but yuck. She returns my face and yells "fine! stay there!" I continue with my conversation, being the attentive listener. She moves into view and puts her finger to her lips. Shhhh! Don't say a word, remember the last time. I offer little to the conversation with the exception of the nod of my head. She sits at her table, raises her coffee cup to me in celebration of my listening to her. I leave my companions on at their table. They barely notice my departure. Does anyone really remember me? Who was that?

Leaf - Concrete

I can feel the coolness beneath my feet. My toes tingle from it and I feel empty inside. This makes me smile. I like it here. The white sterile room around me. I lay on the floor and stretch out. My fingers and toes reach for the walls. My muscles release in a sigh as I am like a heat sink to the concrete floor sucking all the heat from my body. I close my eyes and take in the feeling. Is this what it feels like to die? The warmth draining from me, feeling at complete ease, why am I not fighting it? Not that I picture death a lot, but if I had to think of my death, it would be a violent action, with me kicking and screaming and not wanting to go. I want to live I would scream. Why are you taking me? Why are you doing this?

But here I am alive and well, placed in this hospital, because she was worried about me. She stands on the other side of the glass talking to doctors choosing my fate. I am still sprawled on the floor. From the corner of my eye, I see someone taking notes. Great! I wish I were double jointed at this moment so I could do something to freak them out. Maybe not, because then they would restrain me, and that would not be fun. They would place me safely in a bed, arms pinned to my side, cover me with a blanket and tend to my every need.

No, just lay here, don't move. Pretend you are a majestic maple leaf in all it's fall glory that has just lazily fallen from its perch high up in the sky. Shh! Can you hear it? The nothing. What a beautiful sound. My leafy self would gaze longingly up to my former home, next to all my branch mates, friends, who have yet to succumb to their fate. I could feel the tug of the wind coaxing me away, come with me, it would whisper in my ear. Do leaves have ears? My home would gently hold me, not quite wanting to give me away. My stem would try reluctantly to hold on, you can't let go of your home, where will you live next?, I would think. But the wind would whisper to me that there is a world out there to see, and he could take me wherever I wanted to go. I feel the last bits of tree letting go of my stem. I billow in the wind as my branch mates call to me, I'm not sure what they are saying, it's just shrieking. The wind carries me for a while, I lay in his open arms floating through my existence. Slowly, I float to the ground and let out a sigh. I haven't really travelled that far from my home. I see it above me. What treachery is this I think? The wind promised me the world and I am but a mere block from my home, unable to return. A gentle hand picks me up and waves me about. I see a small face look deeply into me. Her cheeks are rosy against her ivory skin. She is bundled with hat and mittens as sprinkles of rain begin. We run, she yells to someone in the distance. Small puffs of white escape her lips as she explains the beautiful leaf she has found. We travel further, to her home I suspect, she dries the rain from me and places me in a large book. What madness is this I think? I can feel the energy draining from me, I am brittle, dry, is this death? The cherub reaches for my dried perfectness. She preserves me in wax paper. I will be on display now, for all to gawk at. I am dry and withered, merely covered in shiny wax. It is a facade.

I hear someone calling my name, it echoes in this concrete peace. They're sending me home, for now. Goodbye white room, goodbye cold concrete. Why must I go and feel the warmth and colors of the world? Cold concrete is nice.

Just 'cuz

I just thought this was a cute photo of Rob comparing himself to "Jack Sparrow". We were at the Walk of Fame in front of Graumann's Theater in Hollywood.

Venice Beach

Did you know that Venice CA, was built with canals in attempt to have that Venice Italy feel. Yup, it's true. Here is a view of them. The water is really gross though!

Touring L.A.

My BFF just came to visit me, so I tried to take the week off and give her the tour. I'm sure she'll kill me for posting the photos, so I'm not posting them all.

As soon as she stepped off the plane, it was time to tour. This is at Hollywood & Highland. What you can't see is the Hollywood sign, way way in the distance. But they're cute anyway.
Renee and I were house shopping, and we thought what better place than where we belong? BH.
On her last night here we were at Sony Studios for a party. This giant of a man took Renee's spot right next to the fence for the stage. We were within sweat distance from the stage to see the Bacon Brothers and then Smashmouth.
See, that's how close we were. We are within 6 degress of Kevin Bacon.
The shiny bald head guy was an ass, but he was nice to Renee, so we didn't kick his ass. That's Renee again giving me that "Not another photo, I'm trying to listen to Smashmouth" attitude.
There are some doozies in the pile, but I'm sure Renee will thoroughly love the photos I have already chosen.

Hand written day

Today I wrote a letter to Ben. The love of my life who has abandoned me. Right now, it's 4 pages, and I'm not done. Damn!


10:50 on a Monday night.
I have to get writing. After my last vomit of self indulgence I am at a loss of what to write. I re-read the post from the other day, not believing that came out of my head. Thinking it would help me, I try and move forward. Nope, the road block is still up, I can't function properly. I am so in my head I can't let it go. Why can't I just let it go. Just be better and not worry what else is out there. What to write, what to write.....My head is empty, I need to write something productive, this has to be part of my show, why else would I waste this precious time for something that is just going to sit out there in the universe and not be of any use to anyone. As Winnie the Pooh says...think...think....think....Right now I just wish I could make myself cry, I have a play opening in 3 days and I have no emotion for it. Stop thinking of the words, just be there in the moment. How freakin' hokey is that. I used to be able to think of something and cry, but I can't. Get out of my head, out, out, out. Just cry, be sad. Wait, you can't, then what will make me cry next time. I can't let all my pain go. What will keep me warm at night? That's what the pain is for, or is it? Happiness makes you warmer, I think. Instead of just sitting there, not moving, wallowing in your own pain. You jump, you move, you shake. Your heart races, pumping blood, making you flush. Just like when you find that cutie who makes your heart skip and makes you want to be happy. But then it all ends, when the honeymoon is over, and angry, moody person sets in. What a vicious circle? Why are we here, what's the point? Life it seems would be better off it just weren't there.
11:03pm done.


It's just 10 minutes right, how long can that be. To write about something for that long seems endless, especially when it's just to write about nothing with no purpose. I have been wanting to write a one person show for ages now, but haven't been able to. I know there is a story inside me that is screaming to get out, but it's scared to come out.

While attempting to write this epic story, I have found myself stalled on several occasions. I know what I want to write, what I need to say, but it doesn't seem to come out, it stays stuck in some neuro-pathway unable to escape the hell I am putting it through. Once complete, will people come to see it? Will they want to hear what I have to say? Will they still like me after I've said it? By writing what I need to write, I will be exposing people to the inner working of my head. Which, I must say, is a scary place to be.

I have closed myself off from people in attempt to save my self the heart ache of people. How they fuck you over in the end. A teacher once told me that the best friends I would make would not be in elementary school. Wow, was she wrong. Sure some of them screwed me over, but at then end of the day we were still friends and played jump rope. We weren't sneaky and selfish like people are when they grow up. They didn't intentionally do it, but now girls do, and that's jacked up.

I try to pinpoint the exact moment I lost faith in my fellow girlfriend and I think I found it. Her name was Renee and she was a piece of work. It ended with her slowly moving my belongings from the living room into my bedroom in the apartment we shared and then eventually she stopped talking to me, and when she did, she would physically turn her back to me. Now let me tell you, I am a very easy going person, I go with the flow. I had just moved to the big city and we had lived together for 6 months or so and all I wanted to do was have fun. I had made friends at work and always invited her out with us. So what did I do wrong? I dated, but still invited her out. I knew it had all ended when I was in the hospital for a day-patient procedure and the hospital I was at was just down the street from her office. She was scheduled to pick me up at 4:30. Well I got done a little earlier and the nurse called her, and she told the nurse that she could not leave. WTF? First off, the health care system in the U.S. is jacked up, dude I just finished getting small thingies removed my body and have been unconscious all day and have been in recovery for a mere half hour and now you want to kick my drugged ass out?

She worked in a doctors office, they would've understood! I realize I sound like the selfish one now, but I beg to differ, because when the nurse asked if I had someone else to call, I gave them the number of a guy I had been only seeing a couple of weeks (and who by the way, did not know I was in the hospital) AND HE LEFT WORK TO COME AND GET ME. Now you're probably thinking, of course he did, he wanted "something" in return. But I disagree. Had the tables been turned, I would've left work early to pick up her selfish ass, so no I am not selfish.

So after this rant, she is where my distrust with people started. Next came the two secretaries that I worked with at my first grown-up job. The first, went and told the owners of the company that I had slept with one of the partners at the office (who was married to one of the other partners). TOTALLY NOT TRUE. She also had the impression that I was trying to steal away her high school boyfriend, whom I had met only once, while very intoxicated and was SO NOT MY TYPE. I'm not really into big reservation guys. Tall yes, girthy no (which he was). I also think she was disappointed in me for not being the Indian princess she was. Her mother was some tribal big wig and she lived and breathed being Indian (even though she didn't even speak her language the hypocrite) at least I am aware of what I don't know.

Next was her pal, who again was damaged goods. She was my first exposure to people living beyond their means and not giving a damn about it. That should have been my first clue, but I am or at least I was, just like a little puppy, I just wanted someone to pet me? I thought she was a friend and treated her as such, sharing things with her and in the end she got laid off/fired from the company and never called me again.

It has now been 10 years, phewph that's a long time, yet I still harbor this resentment and I have grown accustomed to not sharing with anyone, not even my partner. Why should I? it's like talking to a wall. I used to get upset by the non-response, but again I have resigned myself to them not listening, so I've just stopped sharing.

Thus is the reason I have all this bottled up angst that is stopped in my throat like a cork. I am a shaken bottle of Prosecco with the wires of the cork straining to hold the bubbles in. Fear takes me over to think of what would happen if the wires failed. All my bubbly goodness would be shared with the world and I would be nothing but an empty bottle to be placed in the recycling bin.

I guess, to be reincarnated as something else, but what?

Give me 10

So I have just started this new writing class and I am into week 2 and have only written in class. My assignment is to write 10 mins 4 times a week. I can do that, heck it's only 10 mins., right? So since I am constantly online, I'll take 10 mins away from my day and scribble something down. Let's hope it's all brilliance.

Haha, sorry I made myself laugh.

Purple mittens

She sat staring out into the greyness as the rain tapped gently on the window. This was her favorite time of year. When she took her morning walks, she could wear the purple mittens her grandmother had knit for her years ago. The air just crisp enough to somedays form a slight frost on the windows and as she picked up her pace, small puffs escaped her lips. “Where was he?” she wondered, dinner was almost ready. Her family had been preparing for the holiday all week. First by scrubbing up a storm