30 day Content Challenge

Let's start the new year with a challenge to get us in the mood.  We spent December cleaning things up and reconsidering our social media life, and now, conceivably we're ready for a brand new way to approach our blog.  Here are some content ideas for the next 30 days to help you rethink your brand.  After you work through each one, watch how your analytics are affected by each post.

Take a picture of your workspace.  
Let people take a peek behind the scenes so they can get to know you and your business.

Answer a question.
Connect with your audience and customers every day.

Introduce your employees
Here is another change to make more of a human connection.

Share something popular.
Chances are if it's something popular on your site, it will be popular on social media too.

Interview a customer.
A good way to build trust is to show real people using your products or services.

Post a "Fill-in-the-blank" question.
A good way to encourage your customers to share their ideas.

Share something about a community event that you're looking forward to.
This helps you connect with your surroundings and be a part of your local community.

Share something funny.
Look for ways to have fun with your customers.  Just remember to not stray too far from your brand.

Share your story.
Look for ways to share pieces of you with your audience.

Share someone else's content.
This is a great way to build relationships and show that you are a source of helpful information.

Share a Throwback Thursday (#TBT)
Let people take a peek of your humble beginnings.

Post something seasonal.
Look at your products, are they governed by the time of year.  If so, maybe post something about hot chocolate if you're in a snowy climate.

Share some inspiration.
What inspires your?  Is it a picture?  A quote or article?

Highlight a customer.
Is there a customer or a supporter that stands out for you?   Be sure to tag them in your post so they know what you think of them.

Share an event.
Just attended a conference or event?  Don't forget to take pictures when you're there.  Take notes and follow other conference attendees.

Share statistics from your field.
Are there interesting stats that people need to know about?

Ask your audience multiple choice questions.
Another chance to let your audience share their ideas and to boost engagement.

Create a video.
You can create a quick video with your smartphone.

Repeat something that has worked well.
Now's a good time to take a look at your stats and see what's worked and what hasn't.

Share something from your latest newsletter.
Are you sending out a monthly email newsletter?  Great, now just share it with others and you may gain some new followers.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Share an infographic that you think your audience will enjoy.

Edit and share an image.
Using online tools like PicMonkey or Canva you can add text to pictures.

Correct any  misunderstandings in your industry.
Take a moment to educate your followers.  Think of starting a dialogue about the subject.

Share your favorite book.
Another way to share a bit of yourself.  Maybe create a reading list you think your followers would enjoy.

Share a favorite business.
Give a shout out to your favourite local restaurant.  Share a picture of their store or menu.

Share your expertise.
Let your audience know about helpful tip or expertise in your field.

Post a milestone or little-known holiday.
Invite your followers to celebrate with you and see how they celebrate.

Cross promote within your social media world.
I'm all about bringing my audiences together.

Ask people to join your mailing list.
Let people know what their signing up for and how often you'll be contacting them.

Be thankful.
Being polite is just well, polite.  Show your audience how much your appreciate their support.  Say Thank you.

Hooray!  We made it through!  Now take a look again at your analytics to see which suggestion performed well.  Let me know what worked well for you.

Homemade Clamato

If you are a lover of Caesars, you need Clamato.  But in my homemade frenzy, I've found a recipe to keep things homey.

1 (46 ounce) can tomato juice
4 (10 ounce) cans clam juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes hot sauce
5 dashes celery salt
5 dashes crushed red pepper flakes

Combine all ingredients in a large container and shake well.
Note-you will need to re-shake before serving.

Stay thirsty my friend.