A new day

Today was supposed to be my January 2nd.  Done is the traveling, the colds, the constant eating out of feeling miserable and wanting comfort food as well as trying to choose healthy choices while out of town.  

As I turn my head and see the clock's time glowing red.  5:55 am.  I groan, toss and turn a bit and crawl out of bed.  I lace up my shoes, find my ipod and head out the door.  Success!! 6:13am and I am out door.  First day back, I am going to take it slow.  Just down to the end of the block 0.8 miles one way.  I love the crisp air of Southern California.  I can see my breath.   I find "my jam" (Ok, it's not a jam, it's an audio book) and start.  I'm feeling good.  This is great.  I jog.  I listen to the last chapter of the book.  I walk a bit, just because and I eventually make it to the end and back.  This is going to be a great day.  

To continue my new fitness kick, I am even going to eat an actual breakfast.  I'm not big on actual "breakfast food", when we eat out, I usually get a pastrami sandwich or french fries and brown gravy.  But today I ponder a scrambled egg crepe, but open the freezer and see frozen blueberries and decide I will have oatmeal.  I reach up into the cupboard to grab the tupperware container and a bag of polenta falls.  It's opened and as I try to catch it, the tiny polenta grains go flying all over and my day of good health is gone.  

I'm not big on signs, but this is a big one.  Trying to eat oatmeal and I have a kitchen full of hard bits of corns!  No oatmeal for me.  The health gods have frowned on me.  I can't eat oatmeal now.  Instead I reheat the cup of coffee from yesterday and reach for the chili cheese Fritos left over from our Vegas snack food.  Barely day into my new year and I am already done.   It's 7:15 am. 

What's th@ about?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a entrepreneur who used social media to transform his family business from a $3 million business  to the WineLibrary.com a $45 million business.

He realized the power of online marketing and e-commerce.  His first book Crush It, gives you the motivation to pursue your passion.  I can't wait to read his newest book!---------->

See here what Gary Vee have to say about using twitter?

New year new you?

A new year brings people to start evaluating their life and their life plan.  I on the other hand am always contemplating this, yet never resolving anything.  This can be seen by the millions (ok, maybe not millions, but at least a dozen) things I want to do or try to do on an ongoing basis.  If you could see my blogger dashboard, you'd know.  I have just a "few" blogs" out there, this being  one that has been mulling in draft mode.  I decided to start posting to it, but it may not reside here in its current web location, but we'll see how this goes.  I need to figure this stuff out, I have been wasting too much time mulling and thinking, it is time to do. 
So I invite you along on this journey with me.  I'm hoping to post social media type things here, as that is a big part of my world.  I'm sure I'll have collections of sites and widgets I'd like to use, and by the end of 2014 it will be an entirely new blog, but I can't wait to jump in and I hope you'll enjoy the ride.