How to procrastinate like a BOSS

I am supposed to be working on 2 writing projects at this exact moment, yet here I am online, checking out Facebook and clicking on any random link.
I should be totally panicked, but I'm not.  One assignment is due tomorrow and I'm 2000 words shy of the being finished and I'm not sure that I love it.  I don't have time to send it to a friend to proof.  Why am not freaking out?  I'm sure that will come at some point today if I don't get it done.
I want this assignment to be perfect.  But at this point perfect is not going to happen.
Sorry I got distracted.  I was looking up the benefits of sauerkraut.  Success though, I did find the raw sauerkraut I was looking for.  It's dill and garlic flavored.  (sidebar: write a food blog post about this deliciousness!)
Lately writing has felt like a chore.
Ooops.  I just had this nagging feeling about people who were following me on Twitter.
I'm back.  I had a little distraction.  My mind is thinking about other life related things that I have been avoiding, like taxes and bills.  But this stream of consciousness writing is helping.
4 hours later...
I am no further ahead.
Wow, that was a big one.
Ok, back on track.  Really this time.  It's the end of the year and again I am cleaning up my online world.  My goal is to have no more Drafts left in my posts file.  That will explain the random posts that are appearing now.  Apologies, but I did set up this blog to share my writing woes, the good and the bad.  So this is my bad.  Hopefully in 2016 I will be better disciplined.

wait, was that?
Happy writing!

Silly things I'll miss

This is my way of coping.  Making lists. Pros/Cons. To make it through the transition.  To make myself feel angrier better.  How will I survive?
Truth be told I don't necessarily shop at all these stores all the time, but I want to know that they are available.

Trader Joe's
Joanns Fabric
World Market
Sephora - Lahaina
Fry's Computer

Found in Oahu
Bed Bath and Beyond
Nordstrom Rack

2015 in review

Yup.  You're in the right place.
Aloha bitchzzzz

Well, that is if you received this cryptic postcard, and if not, welcome.

To our friends, this is our year in review.   Since we suck and don't talk to people and are kinda reclusive, this is our update.

We're currently in protective custody in Hawaii in the witness protection program.
Oh snap, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that, much less the internet.  

Ok.  Seriously.

Grab a beverage of your choice, this may be a long and bumpy ride.

Here's Rob's version:

The giant flower in Bisbee AZ
Southeast Arizona what a lovely place but now it's on to better things on the island of Oahu. The move came about because the company in Arizona was in serious financial trouble and a friend called me about an opportunity with a top 20 national contractor that is employee owned.

I took it and I get to live the Aloha lifestyle for the next year and a half, or whenever the gubment pulls their head out of their collective ass and we can actually start the project someday. I love the island and I'm finally getting used to the humidity after southeast Arizona, humidity is something I haven't dealt with in a lot of years. Oh, and it rains here like almost everyday. Sometimes a lot sometimes a little and you always get a beautiful rainbow for your troubles.

So I'm not coming back to the mainland any time soon.  So come for visit and stay for free in beautiful Kailua, less than a mile from world famous Lanikai beach, you won't be disappointed.

Or you can stay with the crazies in Waikiki and I'll visit you.

Here's Jenn's version:

Aloha beatchzzzz!  Ok, so here's the skinny.

After spending 6 months sans Rob in 2014-2015 (because he was working in lovely Southern Arizona, where we got to visit almost as many wineries as Napa), I have been tasked again with living without my love (now since June).  Arizona was much easier to visit, an 8 hour drive.  I could pack up the Rooster (that's our car) and Trucker (that's our tortoise) turn on an audiobook and head out.  Hawaii.  Well that's a little different.  That's 2-3 times zones away depending on the time of year.  A 5-12 hour plane ride (depending on your route and airline) and a pain in the ass to get to (what am I supposed to do with Trucker?  He's not a carry-on unfortunately).

Ok, back to the story.  Rob left for Oahu on June 2.  I did not and have not been there to visit yet, because work has been busy for me lately and someone had to take care of the life we have here.  I have been busy being a lead artist at Native Voices. Which means I get to shake hands and kiss babies and go to a lot of theatre, making connections and letting people know about the wonderful work we do.  I finally performed my one-person show at Fringe Festival, as well as producing the 2 other plays we had there.  I have cried while dealing with the joys of people on Craigslist and other "yard sale" type apps in an effort to lighten our L.A. load and I have laughed at the "stuff" we have collected and hidden away for the past 15 years in our apartment.

In September, since I was headed to Alaska for work, and it was cheaper for Rob to fly there, we met-up in Anchorage.
Alaska glacier tour

I am currently in L.A. finishing up a few theater things and getting ready to head over to HI. For a visit.  My 2016-2017 schedule is heating up on stage and in film and hopefully I can talk Rob into coming back to the mainland for my stage debut with Native Voices.

I still call L.A. home (for work purposes and I don't want to lose out on a job), so I don't openly tell people our situation.  Because, truthfully I don't want to have the conversation. But we figured it was time that all you beautiful people in our lives know what's up. Thank you for being a part of our story.

If you are so inclined and still do Christmas cards, we do have an L.A. address, and our Hawaii address was on the postcard.  Our phone numbers and email addresses are the same.

I'll be posting updates here on the blog of our move and our new adventures (think ziplining), since I'll have some time on my hands.

We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's in Hawaii.

Bottom line: 
Rob is in Hawaii working, supporting Jenn's delusion dreams of Hollywood.  Now that's love.

Mahalo (that's how we talk now, because we live the Aloha life)

Miss you all tons.  Love you, mean it. 
Jenn & Rob

I guess it was bound to happen?  These are from the first time we went to Hawaii, when we got engaged (oh, so many years ago).  Found them in the back of the cupboard when I was packing.

From our 1998 trip 

We'll leave you with this: