Avatar = Pocahontas in space

I haven't seen Avatar yet, but this may have pushed me over the edge to not see it. Check out this post from Huff Po 'Avatar' = 'Pocahontas' In Space (PICTURE), and now there's a Mash-Up of the two.  There are actually a few more up on YouTube.  If you search Youtube, there are many more. 
Hilarious.  So is there an original thought in Hollywood?  I'm always concerned about how American Indians are portrayed in Hollywood, so is this our next evolution?  We go straight from the Wild West to Outer Space?  I wonder if Doc Brown and Marty are involved in this, is that what's next?  Back to the Futur Part 5...

The Olympics

Getting ready for the Olympics! I am now fully prepared. They arrived in the mail today and even thought I live in sunny southern California I will be wearing daily until the Olympics are over!
So my clapping won't be very loud as I am cheering my team to victory. So what. My hands will be warm and they will be cushioned from all the cheering I will be doing. You can also see them in my upcoming vlog report that will be coming out on opening day.

I know you're jealous, so if you want your own, you better hurry, they are always selling out. You can find them at the Vancouver Olympics site.

Production work

Wow, it's almost been a year since I started working for SP Write Productions. I have learned so much! Like this weekend, during a rehearsal for an upcoming episode of Life with Kat and McKay. Who knew you couldn't just start playing a board game? First off, you need to know how to play the game, as well as the rules and all the what-if possibilities. So after a few test rounds, all were ready to play "Bunco". It's a fun game, with no strategy involved, just roll the dice and count your points.

It's also interesting watching the behind the scene action of how a shot is going to be set up. 

Earlier this week, we were on set with Elevator. The set is an elevator. Simple, 3 walls, right? But how do you set up your camera, lights and sounds? The goal was to mimic how the look of Elevator. This is done by placing your cameras up as high as possible. You'll have to check that episode when it's edited at The Web.Files.

Each interview is different. The location tries to relate to something in each individual webseries. Sometimes we are lucky enough to film on the actual set. Here is a shot of the fabulous Web.Files crew with the cast of Epic FU.