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Day 8

I don't want to do it.

Day 7


Day 6

I did nothing.

Day 5

Tell People.

Day 3


10 reminders about writing

Notes that I've found on my way to finishing my one-person show.

1. Don’t sensor or pass judgement
2. Start writing and keep writing
3. Have faith –trust that you will lead yourself out of “the forest”
4. Take the detours
5. There is no right or wrong way
6. Screw grammar and punctuation!
7. Coin a phrase – make it up – keep going!
8. The first draft is from the heart – all subsequent revisions come from the brain (that’s where you revise and edit)
9. Start with yourself – then branch out
10. Give yourself permission


Well.  It's happened.  My one-person show has come back from the depths of my soul.  After last year's reading, I really wasn't ready to move on with the show.  What had developed after 6 months of working on it, was not what I had wanted.  The story became much too personal for me and I wasn't prepared for that.  After sitting with this story for so long, I was just happy it was done.
But now, I have the opportunity to workshop it with an actor, director and dramaturg.  So I am excited and crazy scared.  I need to write everyday.  I'll try.  That's all I can promise.  So I'm going to vlog about my progress.  

Yikes....What's a Google Hangout and how do I join?

What? It's March.  I know I hate it when people all of a sudden realize the date and lament on how time is passing.  Guess what, that's what happen as you age.  But I digress.  

WTF?? It's March!!!! JK.  My February was spent producing a play, then on to working on another, as well as some Production Management stuff, plus I was sick.  Again.  Things were busy and I was working to promote a play and try to get more people into the show, as well as working at scheduling people and places.  It was fun working with someone else, thinking up new ideas and seeing what worked, and what didn't.  Because we were on such a time crunch (producing a play through to closing night all in 30 days) was an interesting experiment.

So now that my schedule has calmed down and my cold is finally leaving me (I think) I am at a loss of what to do with myself and having all this time.  Too much time for self reflection.  Too much time to think and not enough focus. I have luckily kept up with my vlogging and trying out new production ideas, as well as experimenting with social media strategies.  

I took time out to write a post on how to join a Google Hangout.  I thought it was about time since I host one every week and I have a new HOA on Fridays and I'd love for people to join, but some are unfamiliar on how to join or participate.  I was going to make a video, but thought against it since Google is always changing how the Hangouts work, how you access and plan them and how to access it.  

Have you participated in a G+ Hangout?  What did you like about it? Was it hard to log on?  
Let me know.  Otherwise, check out my Gdoc on How to Join a Google+ Hangout.
See you online!