Packing and unpacking

On the beach by Chinaman's Hat

Well, it's four months into the move, my move. Or should I say four months after I have returned to the mainland after my sojourn in Hawaii.  

I am at a loss of where to call home and what my permanent address is.  Life as a nomad is a confusing one.  Working here in L.A. and returning "home" has been an adventure.  The first quarter zoomed by and I am once again preparing to hit the road.  This time I will be on tour, so I have to learn how to not pack everything.  Granted, every time I open my closet, I judge a random piece of clothing and it's purpose to me, so my wardrobe is shrinking.  Luckily it's spring here in L.A. and I have no qualms about getting rid of long sleeved shirts.  I have already culled down my once extensive tshirt collection and really I'm just being nitpicky, thinking I have to get rid of more.  

My latest obsession is about packing.  Trying to bring as much clothing with me as possible, taking up the least amount of room, while being able to stay organized in my luggage.  I'm not asking for much am I?  So as what usually happens, I have gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole once again, I have spent hours looking at packing cubes, reading blogs, searching websites for just one size of cube, adding countless different styles and colours of cubes to my Amazon wishlist.  I then resorted to visiting every Ross Dress for Less and T.J. Maxx within 20 miles in the hopes of solving my problem.  To actually buy packing cubes, a quart-sized travel bag, for those carry-on only occasions, and I don't know, something that will help me travel.  I returned home after lunch, with nothing more than Taco Bell.  While at the store, they had compression bags. Of course!  We had bought several sizes when P2 initially left, and I even brought some back with me in preparation for this moment.  

So what is this post about?  I don't know.  I am still trying to figure out this life I am living and the constant change and uncertainty that comes along with it.  On my long drives I contemplate why I should move, why I should be damn happy to move and talk myself into circles about it all.  

I'll be hitting the road in a few weeks and hopefully I'll have some of it figured out by then.  

Which one to choose?

Compression or packing cubes