My foray into Instagram

Whenever a new Social Media app comes along, I always view it as a fad and wait until people I know are using it.  Which always turns out to be a mistake.  I also didn't like Instagram because it could only be used on your phone or tablet.  But after realizing how ridiculous that sounds, considering I live and breathe social media, I start using it.  What I noticed right away?  People followed me!!!! Then, as soon as I followed them, they unfollowed me.  This happens a lot. I don't really like that, but if that how this world works, I'll deal with it (I found an app that tells me who unfollowed me, and use it to remedy my problem).

Create a community
If you post pictures of your recipes, invite your followers to share photos of their food creations of them making your recipes, using your unique hashtag.  Then you can choose to feature one on either your Facebook page or blog (don't forget to link back to them).
You can let your followers know this by including instructions in a few of your blog or Facebook posts, so they'll know there is a chance that they may be featured.

Share Quality Pictures
Take good pictures.  If people like what they see, they'll like your pictures and then your page as well.

Post Regularly
Keep on a schedule, so people know when to expect your content. If your account looks inactive, people will unfollow you.

Don't go overboard
You can also get crazy and flood your feed.  Don't do it.

Write a bio
Unless you're constantly in the tabloids and everyone knows your name, take a minute to fill out the bio section.   Make sure your bio is clear, on brand and has the following elements:
  • Web link
  • Location
  • Call-to-action
  • Branded hashtag 
Use Hashtags
Consult your list of hashtags (see Things to Think About - Freebie) or use an app like Instatag to see what's trending.  Find a good balance between too little and too many.
Share your blog posts
Create a thumbnail for your blog post, or share the main photo from your blog post.
Connect your Blog with Social Media
This lets your followers know that you have different types of content out there and where they can find you.
Don't forget to place your social media icons where they can be seen and found on your website or blog.

Engage and Interact
Search hashtags of things that relate to your target audience and like/comment/follow. 

If you post about food and recipes and you're on a clean eating kick, search for hashtags such as #cleaneating or #cleaneatingrecipes and like and comment on photos that relate to your target audience.  If they're like me, they'll look to see who liked and commented on their photos and then follow you.

Be nice to people!