How do you use Social Media at events?

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Sometimes I work as a production manager and I'm there at the start of the event and I can't help but share the BTS.  Here are some helpful hints to get your staff involved.

1. Video
Ask your employees to walk around the event and film with their smartphone.  Videos can be posted on YouTube or other free services.
Plan a Periscope or Meerkat event.

2. Slideshare
Use Slideshare for your Powerpoint presentations, Word, PDFs.  They can be shared.

3. Twitter
Create a hashtag and ask people to share their photos and comments from the event.

4. Blogs
Seek out bloggers in your niche and invite them to blog about the event. 

5. Facebook
Create a Facebook page or group for the event to share updates, which can include links, images and video. 
Create a Facebook event and invite people.  They can ask questions about the specific event and share with their friends.  This can then be shared on your FB page.

6. Website
Don't forget to include information about your event on your website. 
Include an email capturing system and encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter so they don't miss the next event.

7. Pinterest
Create a board for the event and curate photos and links for future reference.

Happy Sharing!