Writing Prompt - A long time ago...

10 minute Writing Prompt:

Write a myth to explain why it snows
The first time I heard the story was around the fireplace one stormy night.  Cousin Eloise was complaining that it was snowing again.  Uncle Fred, who was sitting in his rocker in the corner put his pipe down and joined us on the floor.
"Eloise" he said, "you musn't say things like that.  The spirits will hear you."
Sure, sure, Eloise thought to herself, here we go again.
"What do you mean?"  spoke the quiet voice of Eloise's younger brother Chester.
"Don't get him started!  He'll never stop" Eloise protested.
"But I want to hear!  Who are the spirits and what will they do?" young Chester countered.
"As the story goes, when it snow, it's because someone angered the spirits.  They complained about the snow."
"Does that mean it will snow more?" wondered Chester, "because if it does, I hate the snow too!  I hate it so much I wish it all melted tomorrow!"
"You don't want to do that little one."
"Of course I do Uncle.  I didn't do my book report that's due tomorrow and if it snows a lot over night, they may cancel school" Chester announced proudly.
"Don't your remember the ice storms? asked Uncle.  The ones where we couldn't leave the house because everything was covered in ice and we nearly froze?  That's what happens.  It's not this fluffy snow that could can play in.  It is the frozen tears of the spirits as they are sad no one wants to play with them.  They are angry tears of wet snow that, when they melt, are tall pillars of daggers, a trap."

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