Writing and a picture

When I look at a picture or a photograph where I don't know the subjects or context, I am subconsciously making a story up of the subjects.  

This pic was random, and I chose it after I Google SuperNova.  It was the prettiest.  But I was looking for something spacey that had to do with a Super Nova. 
You can do this exercise with a friend, where you each find a picture, then trade.  That way you don't have any preconceived notions (like I do, by picking this photo).

If you're having problems and thinking too much, don't.   If you're having problems figuring out what to do/how to do it, consider these questions when you look at the photo:
  • Connect with the photo (e.g. "I always wanted to be an astronaut").
  • Does a question come to mind when you look at it? (e.g. "What's it like at the center?").
  • Notice the details in the photo and write about it (e.g. "Look at how bright those few stars are, they sparkle like diamonds").
  • Write a caption for the photo (e.g."This is what happens when you fart in space").
Now get comfy, take a minute to look at the picture, set your timer and get writing!

Happy Writing!