I have been working since Friday on this ridiculous show.  I have found several ways to procrastinate.  Luckily I'm too lazy/cheap to leave the house, otherwise it could've been worst.  
I sat around in my comfy seat corner on the couch, my laptop, well, in my lap and my script opened.  I had the script with my teacher's notes in one window, and a new, clean document in another.  I worked and re-worked the opening of the play.  Maybe I've focused too much on these sentences, but it certainly doesn't feel like that to me.  
At 5:45, I got ready for class and had an epiphany.  I don't want to read this in class.  Why?  Not because of the comments that I'd get from my classmates, but more the comments from the teacher.  I am resistant to comments and questions.  They are the perfect audience, they know nothing of my world.  But by the same token, they know nothing of my world and the comments and questions only make me add more flowery bullshit prose to explain what they do not know, taking up valuable real estate in my script, forcing me to explain things, delve deeper into nonsensical facts.
6:00 begrudgingly I leave the house, prepared to call my instructor to let her know I'm not coming.
7:00 I arrive in class, the first and only one there.  I chat with the instructor on how I am done.  Done with this whole bullshit, feeling as though I have pissed away these passed 6 months and not accomplished anything at all.
My goal with this class, was to have a show ready to go.  I'm a week out from the last class, and I am no where being complete.
I hate this!!!