Shopping trip

In search for a grocery store that sells raw horseradish, we ventured to 99 Ranch Market. We hadn't been here in a while, so we took our time combing the aisles. I wish I could read the language because some of this stuff is intriguing. But even if we couldn't read the labels, we enjoyed and were a bit grossed out by the ones we could.
If you're looking for either soy sauce or ramen, you need to come here.  There was a whole aisle dedicated to just ramen, I never thought that much existed, so many different brand names and flavors.   The soy sauce aisle wasn't nearly as impressive, as it was really only 1/2 an aisle.  But still 6 shelves worth is a lot more than my local grocery store.

Aisle of Ramen
Aisle of Soy Sauce
Potassium Carbonate. 
Coming here is like a culinary adventure, as I was in constant wonder of how people would cook it, and as the case with the pork bung, what the heck is it? But from the other things in the case (pork uteri, snouts...) it's pretty easy to imagine that my guesses were correct.
Another thing I wondered about was the potassium carbonate.  I felt like I was back in chemistry class.

The next time I have a craving (or the urge to cook) crab, this place will work.  You grab a bucket and can pick out your own crab.  Then when my stock of fish stock runs out, I can make some giant fist head broth without having to wait for P2 to go fishing.

Tons of fish
Live Crab

Giant fuzzy fruit
Roasted Duck

Giant Fish heads. Yup, just the heads.
Pork Bung?

Stay hungry my friend!