Why do I blog?

Lately I've been wondering what's the use of having a blog?  I started out blogging way back in 2004, I have gone through several different platforms experimenting with content, display, formatting.  In 2010 I went a little crazy and started a new blog for everything.  I think I'm up to 10 now, but lately I've become overwhelmed with the need to constantly update and find new content.  It seems nowadays everyone has a blog.  So hopefully these helpful hints will be put to good use.

1. Do it first thing in the morning, then you'll feel accomplished and you can get on with the rest of your day.
2. If you just can't do mornings, try late nights when you're just sitting around wasting time online. 
3. Ok, you can't do early mornings or late nights, how about when you're carpooling to work or school?   You've seen this view a million times, take this empty time and put it to good use.

4. What about lunch?  Surely you aren't actually eating for a whole 60 minutes?  Pack a notebook and pen with your lunch so you won't forget.

5. Don't feel the pressure to write a novel each time you blog.  Post a picture or video. As long as you get your point across, it's all good.

6. If you feel overwhelmed during the week, why not try knocking out 2-3 posts at a time.  With Blogger you can schedule your posts, so you can be enjoying the weekend and get a lot done to reduce your weekday stress.

7. Sometimes time is not your friend.  You'll just sit there waiting for greatness to blog about.  So why not try timing yourself?  Set the clock to 10 minutes and just write the first thing that pops into your head.  Don't worry about quality, just write!

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get things started.  Good luck.