Reason why you're not doing well on Twitter

I found this list online about why someone may not be "winning" on Twitter.  It's been culled down from 31 reasons:

1) All you want from Twitter is to increase your number of followers #ThisAintHighSchool
2) Your bio is incomplete
3) Your handle is something like @BlueEyedBabyDoll or @BigDawgOnDaBlock
4) You are neither a chef nor a food and beverage reporter, yet your tweets revolve solely around documenting what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner
5) Your grammar and spelling parallel that of a first grader #BillyMadison
6) The only content you post is your own
9) You refer to yourself as a social media evangelist, guru, expert or ninja
10) You have nothing nice to say #Scrooge
11) You use too much profanity – profanity is like using a Porta Potty: use it only when you really need to #Tailgate
12) You go days or weeks at a time without tweeting
14) You don’t follow anyone #ButYoureNotFamous
17) You post 25 times in one day, and 24 of those tweets are about your favorite sports team or TV show #FactsOfLife
18) You retweet the same three sources every single day
19) Your profile photo is one of the following:
  1. High school photo pre-2011
  2. Glamour shot
  3. Kissy face
  4. Wearing sunglasses
  5. Your pet — wearing sunglasses, or without
  6. Non-existent
20) You operate multiple Twitter handles … and retweet your own content #MultiplePersonalityDisorder
23) You post more than three times a minute
29) You don’t read any of the articles you tweet about