In preparation for the Consumer Electronic's Show, I've officially started my production company.  With that you need business cards and I've been toying with new job titles, which one do you like?

  1. Chief Executive Twitterer
  2. Facebook Fashionista
  3. Web 2.0 Wonk
  4. Manager of Deep Web Research
  5. Twitterer-in-Chief
  6. Chief Evangelist
  7. Social Media Maven
  8. Community Manager
  9. Online Audience Development Manager
  10. Online Obama Organizer
  11. Enhanced Interrogator
  12. Mommy-Blogger-in-Chief
  13. Relationship Development Coach
  14. Social Media Director
  15. Chief Mapper
  16. Central Interactions Architect
  17. Virtual Doula (a videocam enabled doula)
  18. Skype Scalper (selling tickets on Skype)
  19. Twitter Tutor
  20. Facebook Consultant
  21. LinkedIn Liason
  22. Curbing Climate Change Consultant
  23. Brand Champion
  24. Senior Brand Strategist
  25. Senior Hacker (Coder)
  26. Virtual World Bureau Chief
  27. Lead Functionality Director
  28. Dynamic Quality Sheriff
  29. Lead Micro Dude
  30. Outrageous Optimization Engineer
  31. Social Media Solutions Point Person
  32. Director of CEO’s Tweets
  33. Communication Specialist Assistant
  34. Communication Specialist 2nd Assistant
  35. HR Internal Twitterer
  36. Pastor of Communications
  37. Super Genius
My computer crashed as I was writing this post.  If you know where I got it from, please let me know so I can credit the author.