My latest adventure!

Well life here has been busy and I've added something crazy to the mix.  I'm working on an infomercial. Now, I can't tell you which one right now, but it has been quite an adventure so far.   I've been given the product, supplements and I work out for at least an hour a day.  I also changed my diet according to the one we've been given.    So it's been a week of this "non-sense" and I've survived my first weigh in.  OK, yes, I feel awesome that I kicked everyone elses flabby ass by losing the most in class.  But, these people are ridiculous.  I'm sorry skinny girl who weighs 130 lbs, do you really have 8 lbs to lose?  I think your general everyday living needs everything it can get.  So don't look at me like I'm someone to beat.  I just kept to the basic principles of the diet and quit eating and living how I had been.  Common sense people!  That and you're the size of my thigh, so did you fail science in school?  Come on!  I have more to lose than you.  What does make feel like crap in class though, is the fact that I can barely touch my toes or do a sit-up.  Instead of looking like someone who used to be in shape and has suffered injury, I look like a fat ass who can barely keep up.  I want to just crawl up in a ball and bawl.  Well.  On to week 2!