Camping Recipes BBQ Chicken

Getting ready for a group camping trip is a daunting task.  Everyone usually picks a meal to prepare.  I don't see the fairness in someone making a eggs and bacon or sandwiches, then expecting more than hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner.  Dinners are usually a slab of meat, with full on salad and a side, and what about the vegetarians?  There are only meat alternatives that are offered at every meal!  Anyway, this time around we're each just bringing food for ourselves.  So now my dilemma is making my life easy while a 10 people fight over a tiny grill.   Problem solved!  I am cooking everything in aluminum foil so I can just throw it on the grill and walk away, while someone else uses the grill too. 

To help transport/preserve the food, I'm using chicken that has been vacuum sealed and frozen, as well as chopped the potatoes, onions and garlic, in a vacuum sealed bag as so they don't turn brown until dinner tomorrow. 

Be sure to check next Tuesday's post for the Garlic and Parmesan Potatoes.

Sorry no pictures on this one, it was really dark out by the time the coals heated up and the pics weren't nice.

Barbecue Chicken Packets
Non-Stick Aluminum Foil
2 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
1 cup barbecue sauce


In the campground firepit, be sure the coals are white hot.
Place the chicken on the non-stick (dull) side of the foil.
Coat the chicken with bbq sauce.
Bring foil sides up and double fold top and end to make a foil pocket.
Grill 15-20 minutes or until the center is no longer pink.

For the oven or grill
Preheat oven to 450°F or grill to medium-high.
Prepare chicken in foil as above.
Bake 18 to 22 minutes on a cookie sheet in oven
Grill 12 to 15 minutes in covered grill.

Stay hungry my friend!