Social Media fun! Create your avatar.

When I'm not busy making videos, or working on my show, I'm helping out with social media for other projects.  Currently a major concern is "what do I post as a picture"?  First off you should always post a picture, it makes you look like a real person and you know what you're doing, and that you're not a spammer.   
An avatar is a cartoon image which can be used on twitter, your blog, or forums for example.  You can use an avatar to hide your real face or show your personality.  Here are some sites where you can create your own avatar, if you're shy.  

I'd love to see the avatar you created,  here's mine.

Cool resources:
How to Create Your Own Free Avatar
General Avatars:
Face your Manga
Avatars from Yahoo
Doppel Me
Planet Creation
Raster Boy
My Avatar Editor

Specialty Avatars:
Mad Men
South Park
Scott Pilgrim

Remember, always be careful if a site asks you to download a program. Avoid downloading any avatar programs that are unfamiliar. They may contain viruses or spyware/adware.

Have fun!