Why I need a makeover


  • I don't like the jiggliness of my body has become
  • My clothes fit a body and a person I was in college, and although I still feel that age, I'm beginning to think that I can't keep dressing like that, for god sakes I'm 30 years old
  • When I do want to go out, I don't have any clothes to wear.  My closet is full of things that "I might wear", but I don't have clothes to actually wear
Because of my casual work environment, I don't really get dressed up to go to work, there's no point
I've lost some weight, and I'm still not happy with myself but I hold onto fat clothes

How hopeless am I?  l sit here at the airport, waiting on my delayed flight, thumbing my subscription of "LUCKY", and realize how clueless I am about getting dressed everyday, and it has not been until recently that I realized how clueless and outdated I am.  I am performing in a play, and want to dress nicely, and not in my usual VERY casual attire (workout shorts and running shoes or flip-flops, which I vowed I would never wear).  But in the magazine they even put the outfits together for you, and I just can't get motivated to do that, am I lazy or just uninspired?
  • Transform your life and body
  • 8wks transformation
  • Transformation for me & my family
  • In a rut- desperate for help in my personal life
  • Why am I deserving of this opportunity

I wanted to star this letter off with "I am deserving of this fabulous opportunity because "I am a sad and pathetic human being", but I thought that was too needy.

  • Realizing my closet is filled with clothes I don't wear
  • If I had to dress nicely, I would not have the appropriate attire
  • My mind still thinks I'm 20, and I have no idea how to dress
  • All my skirts fall just below my bum, instead of below my knee
  • Am overwhelmed with life and just want to stay in bed
  • Feel the need to do everything, because if l don't it won't get done right
  • I should be walking out of the house feeling confident, not with a fuck'em attitude
  • I can't go to any parties or soirees, because my wardrobe is either dated or such a mishmash, that nothing goes together
  • b/c I’ve lost weight, my clothing doesn't fit as well as it should, and I keep telling myself "when I lose weight, I'll buy new