Tips to Tweet

1. Provide Value: Your followers must find your activity valuable.  If at least 1 in 5 of your tweets is not getting retweeted, you are not providing value.

2. Leave room for the retweet. Make sure your content is easy to share by leaving enough of the 140 character limit to include "RT" and the "@username".

3. Show your personality. slang, emothion and pov are ways to distinguish who you are in the millions of other Twitters out ther.

4. Embrace the hashtag. Find relevant and/or popular hashtags relating to your content and integrate them in your tweets.  Hastags will help your content get curated into searchable topic areas, while establishing yourself as part of mini twitter communities.

5. Insert Links.  When tweeting abt your own content, inserting links is always a best practice.  Don't just have an opinion, provide a doorway to further detail and other helpful resources.

6. And shorten your links.  using and other link shortening services can help you make the most of your 140 characters.  Bonus points that it helps you track how many clicks each link receives.

7. Share your handle far and wide.    Share your twitter handle on your business card, website, email signature and other creative ways to raise awaremenns of your presence.

8. Start a meme.  The point is to make a memorable, engagin topic spread faster and easier.

9. Send a thank you for mentions.  If people take the time to talk about your or share things on your behalf, make sure you acknowledge their acitivity and show appreciation. 

10.  Look for question being asked about your industry.  Provide valuable answers as quickly as you can for anything pertaining to you or your space.  Offer to talk more via other channels if users prefer different forms or follow up.