The adventure begins

The adventure begins....
Here I am at Burbank airport, preparing to go to the big apple, and already I’ve had a celebrity sighting.  Some due named Ashley angel, he looks like a rock star and when I say rock star I mean he could be a celebrity of some kind.

It's now 6:08 and I am in the long ass security line.   @lm kinda glad I got here when I did, the 6am people's line is around the corner, they haven't even made it to the security checker lady.  I think when I get laid off I want to be the person who hands out the baggies at the airport.
Ok I’m now thru security which was a crazy ordeal, I got stuck behind the movie star and then a lady with tall boots.  My secret for next time is to not choose the line next to the wall, that's where all the security breaches could occur.  This is where the flight crew passes, as well as anyone with a stroller or wheelchair.  movie star guy kept setting the buzzer off, then tall boot lady set it off as well, then some handy rolls up, and how fn stupid, she has to walk through security.  Hello, she's in an fn wheelchair.  By Thor’s hammer.
So I walk through the entire terminal to get to my gate, then go and potty since I hate to on the plane and I get to the end of terminal and my flight is boarding damn.  I’m now aboard my plane, two rows from the back, with a little Mexican guy to my right and a rather large dude on the aisle.  More when I get there.  Now the is a funky smell and it’s not me

Well its0 been 5 hours and I’ve watched a night at the museum twice.  Can I just say I LOVE JET BLUE?  First off, their snacks are gourmet like and you can watch TV for free how's that for flying high.

But now I’m trying to look over the gay Mexican’s shoulder so I can check this place out...  all I see is water and big barges.  Oh there's something.  It looks like a marsh land at home almost, so flat and surrounded by water and brown vegetation.

OMG Alisha Cuthbert is sitting two rows ahead of me.  in coach.

Ok so I went to baggage claim, started to feel overwhelmed, got a cab and got ready for my long drive into the city.  During my drive Jeffery called me and gave me some advice on what to see and do here.  Since I'm in midtown I didn’t get to see the statue, but maybe tomorrow.  I checked into the room and immediately woke Jeannie up.  She told me to call Ian and Rob and she did.  I then went venturing out of my hotel to Times Square that is within walking distance to my hotel.  Cool.  I couldn’t get a ticket to the show I wanted so I’m now in TGI frays having a beer.  I’m going to meet the guys for dinner then maybe hit the empire state building.

I walked at night to go and meet the guys, I’m so special.  Then we sat there and chatted while I watched the hockey game.

Didn’t sleep well, Jean snores.  So I was up at 6:30.  That means 3 am LA time.  We then took the subway down to the museum.  It was a little intimidating at first, but then I just went with it.  The cool part of being at the museum was just imagining where the homeless get in the building.