Spring Cleaning

Today was cleaning day and I had a huge pile of canned food that had to be put away from the other day.  While attempting to squeeze everything in the cupboard I decided to rotate the stock around.   Why did I start this project, because sometimes I think I have ADD and now I've started to look at the expiration date on all the cans.  Now there is nothing wrong with this, it's good actually because I found some hidden soups that I've had a craving for and couldn't find them.  But what should be a quick process has turned into a day long project.  First you have to take everything out, then sort it out, then decide how to reset it in on the shelf.  The latter was the worst part, I kept moving things back and forth trying to anticipate how someone would reach for the marinara sauce, so I would not have to constantly re-check the shelf to make sure the most current jar/can was being used.  See, a wee bit ADD-like. 

But what it also did was make me realize that I need to figure out where I can donate canned food that I know I won't use in the next while that and how long can you keep spices?

For the canned food, doing a general search worked well (I like GoodSearch.com since for every search I do, money is donated to my favorite charity Life Through Art Foundation), so did a search on yelp.com.

Doing a search for spices, I found a ton of information and what to do with expired products.

If you visit the Spice Hunter, you can find out information like how to store your spices and when your spices will expire.

Or if you buy McCormick spices, you can visit their site and see exactly how old your spices are.

Stay hungry my friend.