High School Reunion

The road home

I have been waiting for this moment since I graduated high school and now the moment has come and gone and it was soooooo not what I wanted or expected.

Why is it that in the movies they make it all look terrible and you’re gonna hate it, so then when something good does happen the world is a great place.

So as I said, I have been anticipating this moment FOREVER.  You see I graduated from a school with a student population of a little over a hundred students, that means there was only about 32 people in my graduating class.  Most of these people I’ve know all my life.  So it was a terrible disappointment when none of these people showed up.  This was soooo not the movie script I had written.  Who hired these people?  Didn’t they want to come and see me?  Didn’t they get the press release about my fabulousness?

So lets start form the beginning, starting in January I had put in my head that I had 6 months to look fabulous.