How to build a twitter audience

I love getting into discussions about Twitter.  It's usually with someone who is new to social media and they have no clue what they are doing on Twitter, but know they have to be there.  They tweet a few times, follow a ton of people then abandon the site when they haven't acheived global domination.  I am from the camp of following back when someone follows me. 

Here is my collection of "how to build a twitter audience" culled from a variety of sources and sites:
  1. Tweet stuff of value that’s worth sharing. 
  2. Start with people you know and know you already.   Make sure you put your @ wherever you engage. 
  3. Check in to companion sites like (free app) to see how your tweets are affecting the twitterverse.
  4. Find out who has retweeted you.  Think about it, these are people who find some value in your tweets, and also share it with their audiences. 
  5. Follow everyone who follows them. Ideally start with the people who retweet you the most, because their audiences will have heard about you the most. 
  6. Don't forget about Step 1. 
Other things to think of:
Show the twitterverse who you are. Be sure to upload a picture, a link and include a bio.
Don't talk about yourself.  That gets kinda boring after awhile.
Don't just converse.  I don't quite understand this one, but data shows users with lots of followers respond much less frequently. 
Identify yourself as an Autority.  Again data shows that accounts that use the word "guru" tend to have 100 more followers than the average Twitter account.
Don't be negative. This includes sadness, agression, negative emotions and feelings and morbid comments (though that might work if that's your brand)