Consumer Electronics Show 2011

To properly experience this photo, you need to pull out your red and blue 3D glasses that you've stashed away in the junk drawer. Or if you've gone to see a 3D movie lately like I did, you may have a pair of those sitting around as well!

This was taken at the annual Consumer Electronics Show at the Nvidia booth.  Everywhere you looked at the show, everyone had a 3D television.  Forget revelling at the thinness of the some of these models, this was overshadowed by the visual effects that could be created with 3D.   Prior to this, I was not a fan of this new technology.  This was evident when I made the mistake of going to see the waste of money pukefest that Jackass 3D was, were I felt the only good use of 3D was at the end with the confetti cannons.  But after taking the photo and looking at it on the huge monitor, I was sold.  I now want a to shoot in 3D.  My only problem is that I'd have to make my videos a little more dynamic, than me just sitting there telling you the word of the day.  That would be a sad waste of this brilliant technology.

Aside from televisions, there were 35 varieties of tablets, so I may just hold off getting that Apple iPad.  Especially if I can get a case like the Etch-a-sketch, or get to play video game "ol' school"-like by using your iPad as the game monitor!

I have been looking for a new camera since the holidays.  One particular one I was looking at is the Samsung Duel-View Cameras.  But that all changed when I got to the Samsung booth, I can't even tell you about all their wonderfulness.  What sold me on them, was the option to connect one of the model to you Samsung Galaxy and control your camera from there.  But then I thought, darnit, now I need a Galaxy too!

Sony Bloggie PM5K

While at CES, my goal was to find the next camera I would purchase,  and boy was there a lot of those.  I am a huge fan of the Bloggie PM5K because of the 270 degree movable lens.  I liked it because when you first start vlogging, you're usually having to film a few takes because you are either cutting off the top half of your head in the video frame, or all you can see is your mouth and neck.  
Bloggie Duo

There are three new Bloggie MP4 cameras that debut at CES 2011: the Bloggie, Bloggie Duo (see photo below, it's the pink one), and Bloggie 3D. All of which will be available, I was told, in April or May, are definitely a slick upgrade.

One change from my model to the new one, is that the memory is now internal, which kinda hampers how much and how long you can shoot for.

Another company that I really didn't pay attention to before was Casio.  But with it's release of the Tryx, I may have to reconsider. 
The concept behind the Casio Tryx is a compact camera that can be held and manipulated in different ways for different shooting situations and the frame itself can be a kind of tripod.

You'll have to stay tuned to see which model I'll end up, as I am always changing my mind.  One thing I do know, is my next camera will have HD.

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