Leftover Cheese?

First off, there is really no such thing as left over cheese.  It all has a use, but after hosting a wine and cheese party you may feel as though you bought way too much and people didn't eat enough.  This recently happened to me after hosting my first tasting.  Buying cheese is the funnest part, trying different flavours, smelling the interesting characters of each milky concoction, but a fridge full of bits and pieces of a melange of cheeses, you can only eat so much cheese and crackers.
This time around I wanted to try and make something out of my leftovers.  Since I don't have a panini grill on hand, I settled for my trusty sandwich maker and a buttery grilled cheese.  there are recipes out there to make actual sandwiches with meat, but I chose to stay true, and just slapped together some bread and cheese. 
For me a perfect grilled cheese is plain ol' store brand whole wheat bread and processed cheese.  You know the kind, where you have to unwrap each slice, and that it's not really cheese, but oil and some yellow/orange bits that are pressed together in a mold (sorry Velveeta, I love you all the same). 

For this experiment, I chose "boule" shaped sourdough. Usually in my sandwich maker, I don't butter the bread because I like it crispy, but something told me to butter the bread this time.  And I was right, after buttering the outsides of the bread, I layered the brie on the toast, for utter perfection!  Here are some other recipes that I found, hope you like them.

Stay thirsty hungry my friend!

P.S.  It is a must the sandwich is cut diagonally!  Just like grandma used to!