Production Update

Things have been busy lately, between working on a video everyday for Geraldine, keeping up with all the social networks I've been trying to help with as well as learn from, blogging on the different blogs I belong to keeps a person quite busy. When in the world was I supposed to fit in time to help with a short film production. What was I thinking? I needed something else to do!?

It's difficult to help on a project(s) when things are always changing and it is assumed you have knowledge of it.  In this age of technology when information is supposedly at your fingertips, it's easy to just click send and walk away in the hopes that your message will be received.  Using technology has allowed us to become non-confrontational as well as complacent and allow the world to happen around us.  It's easy to hide from an email or a voicemail and not open it in fears of what it will say, because then you'll have to take action for it. 

To be able to help effectively, you need to know what is going on so you can do research, find the product or just increase the social awareness about it.  It's also difficult to carry on when you don't think you're being effective and communications.

I think today I've reached maximum overload.  I'm tweetered, facebooked, blogged, wordpressed, googled and youtubed out.   But can I just become unplugged?  What would I do and who would I tell about it?