IMDB and birthdates

Imdb has become the defacto place to turn to if you're looking for someone in the entertainment industry.  Which is a wonderful thing, famous people and all their information at your fingertips.  The downside to this is all their information.  By this I mean specifically your age.  It shouldn't seem like a big deal, especially in TV world where there are people in their 20s playing teenagers, but this can sometimes hurt a person and prevent them from getting a job, if there actual age is up there.  Some producers or casting might just look at their age and not even consider that the person could pull it off.  With 30 being the new 50, or whatever it is, and all the botox and plastic surgery world that we live in, sometimes we have to push past that. 

But that doesn't happen in Hollywood.  People lose jobs because their "real" age is shown on IMDB.

So if you could fill out this petition that would be great!  It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time. There is a paypal link that comes up after you sign but you don't have to donate any money.

Thank you and help spread the word!

"Removing Birth dates & Age from IMDB"