The 80s movie, the A-Team, has now been out for two weeks and has grossed a total as of Jun. 23, 2010: $55,461,321 (Domestic).  I was excited to see the movie and hoped that Hollywood would not destroy my childhood dreams of the A-Team.   I joined a group of friends (new and old) for the first show of opening day.  Check out the review from the group. 

Don't forget to Subscribe To the Movie Review's Round Table page, for opening day reviews.   I don't want to give away anything if you haven't seen the film yet.  But if you have no idea what the 80's version of the A-Team was like, you'll be fine, this movie brings you back to the creation of the Team.  If you were a fan, ein... you'll have to see it on the big screen to enjoy the constant flash and bang of the film.  I was not impressed with Liam Neeson portrayal of Hannibal, played by George Peppard.

So grab a bag of popcorn and settle in. 
p.s.  Stay through the credits!