Food ugh!

Loving and enjoying food can put a lot of stress on the body and mind.  You see, when we go out and eat, our choice of restaurant is usually dictated by cravings or "what we're in the mood for".  My choices are never a big plate of veggies.  Ok, sometimes I get a salad craving, like for a Cobb salad or a chopped salad, but those occasions are rare.  My taste buds usually crave something deep fried, like mozzarella sticks or deep fried mushrooms.  I would love to shake that person's hand.  I mean how does one get the idea to to bread some cheese then pop something that melts when heated into 1000 degree hot oil.  I love that person! 

So after months of overindulging in deep fried goodness, one comes to the conclusion that "hey, is my ass getting bigger?  I swear those pants fit me just last week."   You have aches and pains because you haven't gotten your newly huge fat ass of the couch in months to exercise.  You don't want to go out in public because guess what? you have huge ass and all you can wear is stretch pants, and you don't want to buy bigger clothes because that means you're ok with being a huge fat ass, which "heck no" you're not. 

So now as bathing suit season nears you are sweating out that deep-fried goodness as you worry how in the heck you can lose 50 lbs in the next month.  Ok 50 is a lot of an exaggeration, but that's what that body dismorphic disease has done to you.  So every Monday you start your weightloss battle anew.  "Ok, today I'm gonna exercise and cut back on my carbs, only veggies for me."  "Yeah, it's Tuesday, yesterday wasn't that bad, so let's go out get some exercise and you know what steaming your food isn't that bad".  "Hmmm, Wednesday....I'm bored, I think I'll have another bowl of whatever that just was...ok ok, that bowl of steamed spinach and mushrooms was actually good, how could I ever imagine eating these wonderful fungi in a crusty breaded goodness that I dip in blue cheese dressing.....Ughhhh, (insert Homer donut sound here, drool dripping from my limp food dreaming body).

Trying  to wrap all this healthy living around your head is mind bending experience.  Reading books and articles about peoples success stories is frustrating.  How can these now skinny people spew this crap?  Do they truly believe that admitting to their friends and family something they already see is really helping?  Seriously?  I've said it out loud.  Nothing.  No help.  Just the same 'ol same 'ol.  "Wanna beer with that?  You like mayonnaise right?  How 'bout another helping, let me get it for you?"  What the heck am I supposed to do now? 

Ahhh, forget it, I'm gonna have another bowl of something.