Pooley Speaks

Hey little one, ya wanna see a picture of my daughter?  This one is when she graduated from high school.  She had just won a scholarship, and she was so happy since it would pay for all her books, which was nice since she wanted to be pre-med.   This one is when she broke her arm when she fell off the monkey bars.  It was a miserable summer, she couldn't go swimming like all the other kids, she even tied a garbage bag over her arm one time, silly girl.  She was always at the hospital for some reason or another, maybe that's why she wants to be a doctor.  This one is my favorite! She was eight, and she had begged her mom and me to be a dancer.  So Catherine, her mom made her this dress.  Nova was so excited that she went to see my mother-in-law and they started making the jewelry and decoration for her dress.  After her first day she came home with earrings that she didn't take off for a week, finally one night she musta had a bad dream because in the morning her cheeks were all scratched up.