Sunday farmers market

I have a gray distrust for chili. I imagine it more beany than just ground meat. It was not until today I realized it's named after the spice, I never really thought about it.

Rob tried the award winning Primerib chili. Now, I cautioned him against getting his hopes up only to be let down again by a vendors award wining meal. I took 2 spoonfuls of the dark blend of meat. One to test, the other to form an opinion. It was very rich. Rob told me to be careful of the chili (hence my explanation of chili), not really that hot and a bit salty for me, although I have cut salt out of my life.

It wasn't horrible Chilli like that God Awful place Chilli Johns in Burbank or that other place in Sherman Oaks, but it wasn't the best. The best is usually some guy who has worked on his recipe for years perfecting it with beans and without. This stuff was good don't get me wrong. The chilli spice had a little bit of a smoky flavor and the meat was high grade, but didn't make me say "OH SHIT" I gotta get more of this stuff. Kinda of like how a crack addict probably feels the first time they suck the devil dick. Thats what I'm talking about that first taste that just makes you go "OH SHIT THATS GOOD!" but this stuff was pretty good just not that good. We did have the Hollywood ambieance of getting panhandled at least once and did find what the people next to us said was the best tamales in town. As a matter of fact the older mexican women came up and found the girl next to us and told her she had made flour free tamales for her. I have had only a couple of great tamales in my life and once you've had that everything else is a bunch of shit. I gotta check out grandma next week.