Mmm meat

On the way to a screening, we always try to give ourselves enough time to avoid traffic, as well as time to park. Since tonight was a free event we had to be there at least an hour before. Leaving our home in the Valley, our journey went slowly as we merged with the madness of the Hollywood Bowl. We finally made it to the Fairfax district and a perfect free parking spot between the restaurant and the theatre. Pastrami had been on my mind since we decided where to eat. A quick glance at the menu and I decided on "The Danny Thomas" and Rob the pastrami. Along with our sodas, the waiter drops a plate of kosher pickles at our table. Within minutes our sandwiches were in front of us. Me being the perfectionist, I remove the top slice of rye bread, squeeze out some mustard and rearrange the meat so the bread lies evenly and meat is spread out so each bite I take is filled with meaty goodness.
I was pleasantly surprised with the Danny Thomas, its thin slices of salami sliced edges remind me of fried bologna but the taste, a greasy bite of spicy. The pastrami didn't impress me much, it left me putting more mustard on to give the blandness some life.