A few months after college I picked the pieces and decided I had to move on with my life. Sure things were good were I lived, but couldn't imagine spending my life there, I was going to be someone, I had to be! Our plan had always been to move to Arizona and now I had not other plan, so I stuck to the plan. I was taking a weekend vacation with some friends to go to Chicago, so I altered my itinerary to leave there and go to Phoenix! I quickly lined up some job interviews and I was off! I'd been to Arizona once before and enjoyed it, there was no other option.
It all happened so quickly. After a cross country drive I arrived in Phoenix March 13 and was to start my new job a week later.
Like I've said before, I never felt the need to have to walk around in my buckskin and leather, I loved Arizona, because "they" or "we" were all over. Looking back now I also enjoy the whiteness of Arizona. It's not creepy, soccer mom-ish, where you have to dress up and put your make-up on before leaving the house. It's more laid back and you're not looked upon like the help like I am mostly. I dread going into my favorite grocery store because the clerks always talk to me in mexican. How presumptuous of them to assume I'm like them!