Touring L.A.

My BFF just came to visit me, so I tried to take the week off and give her the tour. I'm sure she'll kill me for posting the photos, so I'm not posting them all.

As soon as she stepped off the plane, it was time to tour. This is at Hollywood & Highland. What you can't see is the Hollywood sign, way way in the distance. But they're cute anyway.
Renee and I were house shopping, and we thought what better place than where we belong? BH.
On her last night here we were at Sony Studios for a party. This giant of a man took Renee's spot right next to the fence for the stage. We were within sweat distance from the stage to see the Bacon Brothers and then Smashmouth.
See, that's how close we were. We are within 6 degress of Kevin Bacon.
The shiny bald head guy was an ass, but he was nice to Renee, so we didn't kick his ass. That's Renee again giving me that "Not another photo, I'm trying to listen to Smashmouth" attitude.
There are some doozies in the pile, but I'm sure Renee will thoroughly love the photos I have already chosen.