How to Procrastinate

My first how to lesson. Well, ok class, let's pull out a piece of paper and an pencil and write your goal across the top. Now take the next five minutes stare intently at that goal and try to write down how you are going to accomplish it. Now, pick up that piece of paper and wad it up. Next take out your computer and in your search bar what you were trying to accomplish. Now visit every site that comes up in the search. Once you start visiting sites, trust me you'll find others to click on. The next thing you know its been 4 hours and your day is gone, you mind as well just call it a day.

This was the beginner class. For advance procrastinating, tune in tomorrow, because I have a full list of things I should be doing.

Ok, that took 5 mins, only 5 more to go. What else.....what else....I can't, I can't, I can't. Why do I say things in threes, weird. My fingers are just sitting on the keys, waiting for brilliance to spew from them. They have a mind of their own, right now I'm not even thinking, my fingers are just moving. My mind is filled with junk, distractions. OMG, I just looked up to the tv screen and the guy from 90210 is wearing socks in the pool? WTH? Ok, I'm done, shoulders are hunched over, I can't anymore, I'm just typing to type, to get 10 mins out. what to write, what to think. It all seems the same. The same sadness and lack of imagination. The same phrases pulled together just in a different story. See the story, see the characters, see the end. It would help to see the end, I always have a great start, but I never know the arc I'm going on. Why does it have to suck so much. I'm trying right? I've written a bit everyday. But can these bits be a part of my masterpiece. Hmmmmm, I wonder.....