When Rob and I are on our adventures I rarely have my camera, but I do have my phone. I have finally saved all these photos to my computer and can now post them.

This first one is from Vegas where we were touring and just pulled into the first bar that looked interesting. I think the name of this one got me.

This one is from when we visited the Autry Museum.

A wild night out in where we went for free beer, can you say PBR?
Same night, different bar. This is where Rob goes after his late night hockey games.

Wow, we drink a lot of beer. This is from Good Bar in Silver Lake. He's drinking Maudite beer.

Today we were on our way to hang out at another of our favourite watering holes. That and I really wanted deep fried pickles. Rob just reminded me of some east european gangster. What you can't see are his dark socks and long board shorts.