What's tsunami you?

I think I'm a cold hearted bastard. If I actually said the following out loud, to people, I think I would be lynched, but it has to be said.  When I hear about the UN crying that the U.S. is stingy, I wonder what the big deal is really. Give them a couple bucks and the shacks should be good to go. When a third world country gets hit with a natural disaster, how much does it really cost to fix nothing? We're going to send them millions and millions of dollars to build a new country for them, not fix what they had. How fucked up is that? What is also fucked up are the comments that some people make regarding the U.S. "Always sticking their nose where is doesn't belong". Fine! they'll stay out of this one ok, and they'll keep their money too. So don't cry when someone else has to foot the bill. Don't get me wrong, I'm not American, and I think their gung-ho attitude is a little too cavalier, but if you're going to tell them to stay home during wars, shouldn't they also stay home when the world wants money?Let me take this one step further. I feel bad when I hear the stories and see the pictures of the devastation. But isn't this Darwin at work "survival of the fittest"? Like the world needs another model, poor Petra. Who gives a rats ass about some supermodel. Reports of her harrowing survival are all over the news. There are a lot more people who have stories too. But enough is enough, is there nothing else going on in the world that we can be sad for?  How can news reporters sleep at night? When they look at how the moral fiber of the U.S has decayed, they should consider their contribution to it. But that's for another day. Happy New Year.  More interesting comments click here.