Mascots offensive to Native Americans

Read full article at Eastern Michigan University. (2009 Update*This article is no longer online) This issue was at first a no-brainer. Hell no! Remove all Mascots plain and simple. But reading articles, as well as watching a recent HBO special on the subject, and checking out poles, I discovered that most Natives could care less on the subject. But as the saying goes, "the squeeky wheel gets the grease". Who do these natives think they are serving? Sure I think it's terrible that words and symbols are being used in incorrect terms, but lets unite our own people before going off and rallying. This just shows us as more ignorant.I do think today's values and Political correctness are missplaced, and gone to the extreme. With everyone trying to be something that they're not, why not just educated people, instead of trying to shove your agenda down people's throats. What's the saying, cut off my nose to spite my face? does that work here?