Indian Mascots

What really is there to say on the subject, people are usually on either side of the issue, but recently, I have come to consider that yeah it is a terrible thing. The following is an article from the Fresno Bee.

Professor critiques Indian mascots Kansas instructor tells Fresno college audience about lack of sensitivity.

"Professor Cornel D. Pewewardy brought tiny toy soldiers and Indians with him Thursday to Fresno City College, telling students they were "tools of genocide," the dominant culture's depreciating of American Indian history.

Pewewardy is on the faculty of the Department of Teaching and Leadership at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He was a featured speaker during American Indian Heritage Month at City College. The title of his talk in the Student Lounge was "The Indian Mascot Controversy," in which he argued that sports teams' use of Indian mascots merely represents the most obvious way that American Indians suffer demeaning treatment in their own land."

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