About Hollywood Aloha...
...Alooooooo-HA.  If you've ever gone to Hawaii, you are familiar with this.  If not.  Well you will be. This site started out as a a collection of recipes that are simple and easy to make.  Because of recent life event, and trying to consolidate my online worlds, Hollywood Aloha has morphed into what my life has become.  What's that?  Well, I'm not sure, but as of today, it's where I share my family's move and travels and everything in between.  From the pains of making a move to trying to live bi-coastally. 

The recipe part. What started out as a pile of recipes, either hand written family recipes, or fun things from magazine, has now become our virtual cookbook.  Instead of filing it away in a binder or recipe box, our online recipes make it much easier to find and recreate our favorites.  We also include our failures (there have been a few) to remind us that cooking is fun and experimenting can yield some gems.  I don't have a particular style, I try to vary our food and try out any new fad that comes along.  It keeps life interesting around our kitchen.

The social media part. 

The crafty part.  In the height of the DIY movement, I owned a crafty business.  From 2005-2015 I found myself making everything from tshirts to hair ties.  I settled on jewelry and would eventually like to have my own line of jewelry line that I cast myself.  But in the meantime, I'll share DIY projects and tips that I've found to keep my creative juices flowing.

Who is this "WE" and "US" and "OUR" I keep referencing?
My name is Jennifer and my partner, who goes by P2. I'm an Engineer by schooling, and an adventurer at heart. I work from home, so I thought I should keep P2 well fed.  I have always loved cooking and remember my first cooking experiment, a cake.  My mother let me throw whatever I wanted to in the bowl, the only requirement was that I eat it when done.  I couldn't tell you what I put in that cake, but once baked, it was as hard as a brick.  Luckily my mother relented and didn't make me eat it.  My cooking has gotten a bit better.

Thanks for reading and Stay Hungry my friend!

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