Blog Challenge Day 1

Because my life isn't filled with enough distraction, I have decided to start a new challenge.  I am playing catch up on a 15 day blog challenge.  I am doing it so I can establish a routine to take time out to write and maybe even prepare a bit.  When I am away from my writing, by this I mean not writing everyday, life does go on and the world is of no consequence.    But then when I start writing again, I realize that I miss it.  I miss the tiny moments from my day that I write with no concern of the consequences or the outcomes.  I write to simply write.  Let's call it journaling.  There is no intended outcomes.  Usually when I sit down to write, I feel a pressure to spit out brilliance at keystroke and that when I am done, the project will be finished and I can move on.  So for the next 15 days I will be accepting the challenge and blogging about it.  Hopefully I will find what I am looking for.

Challenge Day #1What is my daily success plan?

If I knew the answer to that I wouldn't be here.   I currently start my days with the best of intentions.  I wake between 5 or 6 AM, my head if filled with thoughts, ideas and a to-do list.  Then I make some coffee and breakfast and sit down with my computer.  As I attempt to start working, I am greeted by the endless array of tabs that are still opened on my computer from my late night online session.  Of course to start my day I need a clean slate so I review all those opened tabs.  And that may sound easy but then I realize I have a 2 or 3 windows with a ton of tabs opened.  Walk away! Walk away!  So I try to start closing them and then I am down the rabbit hole.  No work gets done.  Another day blown!

My success plan will open an new window with only 1 tab.  Then minimize all other open windows and not look at them until I am done getting all my to-dos out of my head.  It's really easy, if I don't open the other windows, I won't know what's there.

Onward to the challenge.