The Hero's Journey

While watching #SuperSoulSunday on OWN, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey.   In my creative meetings with my writing we partner, we discussed what the Hero's Journey was.  I enjoyed her perspective on it and how women cannot follow the journey. 

Below are just my notes I was taking as I watched Episode 1.

A restless youngster, who gets called to the journey, goes through the road of trials, suffers through dark nights of the soul, finds his teachers, faces the battle, loses his fear!

Inspires, shows us the way, but never shows women.  You can be the mom, the old crone, the helpless virgin, but you can't be the hero.

Women hesitate on the brink of the journey.  

You don't do the work to change until not changing gets worst.

First comes the call - take this away from me, I don't have the power, I'm not your hero, I'm just a regular person, but the call won't leave you alone.

How do you get the call?  You get the question "What did I come here to do with my life?"   Everyone has had this question, in one form or another.  You can choose to ignore it, or you can choose to pursuit it.  Which is the beginning of your journey.

If you're going to answer the call.   You better be ready. 

Then comes the road of trials.