How to keep track of post ideas

I am constantly online and always reading others blogs and posts.  It's great to keep up on what others are doing in the world of social media, as well as learn about stuff that I haven't found yet.  My problem is that I have collected a ton of bookmarks in my browser and I sometimes forget about them.  In an attempt to be more consistent in my postings and to keep myself organized I've made the following Google form, in the hopes of decluttering my computer as well as lightening the load on my computer battery (I have a tendency to not turn off my computer because I'll lose the 10+ tabs I have open that I WILL read, but eventually just find more).

This is how I keep track of my ideas.
If you'd like this idea and would like to use it, please feel free to Click Here and make a copy for yourself.  If you don't copy the file and use it, I'll see the info collected and you won't.

Contact me if you have any problems or additional questions.